MyGen: Unreal Tournament 3 Review

MyGen writes: "Once upon a time, the Unreal series was setting standards in the PC-based multiplayer FPS scene, but this latest incarnation seems like a last-ditch effort to mine the ground already scoured by the Halo's and Call of Duty's of the world. Now finally hitting the 360 after its appearance on PC and PS3 late last year, Unreal Tournament 3 is as relevant and trend-setting as a sock hop.

Back in the heyday of PC fragfests, the Unreal Tournament series went to bat against genre kings like Quake and Counter-Strike, and it set the stage for future games in the genre, particularly the Halo series. Now with Unreal Tournament 3, the series is desperately trying to play catch-up. Ironically, many of the games that it's trying to catch up with are games like Rainbow Six: Vegas that already use Epic's Unreal Engine."

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