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In today’s industry, introducing a game with new ideas that lacks an existing user base is a difficult pitch, particularly for large publishers. Breaking that trend, Ubisoft has decided to try their hand at what’s best described as a multiplayer-focused melee combat game with For Honor.

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MPScrimshaw1225d ago

Anything that let's me play as Samurai, I'm in.

ZeroSkerbo1225d ago

Looks like Chivalry 2.0, which is a very good thing hah

shocked6861225d ago

Agreed. Chivalry was a great game but this looks like it has more substance. Looking forward to it

1nsomniac1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

If it has as much substance as Chivalry then I'll be very happy. That's the only thing I'm worried about so far, with only 4v4 I'm worried about it lacking.

It's a game that seems ideal for DLC milking as well which is a little scary. Either way I can't wait for this game to hurry up & get here already.

callumjack1225d ago

Bring me Celtic DLC, or Pictish

OB1Biker1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

One of the rare games I'll need others opinions on how it plays from reviews and streams.
Looks great.
A demo would be nice.

B_Rickaby1225d ago

Looks really cool. I wonder how steep the learning curve will be for new players once the game has launched.