Let’s Talk About That Quiet Scene in Metal Gear Solid V

An otherwise compelling addition to the Metal Gear series' wide and varied cast of characters, it is a crying shame that physically she is reduced to an embarrassing source of titillation, with her needlessly sexual design (Hideo Kojima's explanation that she breathes through her skin so therefore needs to be more-or-less naked isn't a reasonable justification for it, no matter what he says), combined with the game's clear objectification of her through gratuitous camera angles and awkward "intimate" scenes, all contribute to her being an unfortunate source of controversy in what at this point in time is believed to Kojima's swansong with the series.

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SaveFerris1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

'Throw your accusations of "social justice ruining video games" at any critic of Quiet's portrayal, but the fact remains: if we'd seen this shit in a movie we'd all be scratching our heads about it, and video games are not exempt from having a responsibility to not portray women as nothing more than a source of sexual stimulation for men.'

Depends on the movie or video game.

Kiyam1182d ago

Nope, we wont be scratching our heads about it, who said that?

XBLSkull1182d ago

It's a f'n video game, go spit your liberal propaganda elsewhere.

psman0121182d ago

I think people are forgetting that this portrayal of women is almost a standard in Japan. Has anyone ever seen cosplay? They're all scantily clad women. Not objectifying but it's the Japanese way. Disagree if you want but it's true. People will just find anything to complain about these days geesh.

Kingthrash3601182d ago

Whatttttt xblskull said something that made sense?? I....I don't know what to I'll just hit agree. (For the very first time for a skull comment)
With it all said and done...its a video game. Period. Play them or dont...but ive seen much....much....much worse things on movies and other video games. Yes she's underdressed and the camera tends to pan over the best features on quiet...but dam why is this a topic. It's something we've seen before...and it's not the worst. I mean I've played god of war...doa...gta..saints row...I can go on...but man at the end of the day it's just a game.

frostypants1181d ago

The game is playing to the adolescent boy demographic. It simply knows its market.

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saywat2471182d ago

all im seeing on n4g is quiet this quiet that can yall stfu i think n4g gotta crush on a few hundred pixels smh its a video game like damn

1182d ago
Meatyboy1182d ago

People are more touchy on N4G these days than the feminists writing these articles

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annoyedgamer1182d ago

Its Craveonline, they are known leftists.

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MysticStrummer1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

One of the first things that happens in the game is a camera zoom on a man's ass, seen through the gap in a hospital gown. There has been stuff like this in every MGS game.

Also, we do see things like this in mainstream movies, quite often, and no one scratches their heads except the same people scratching their heads about this.

nosferatuzodd1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Exactly these ppl just like to jump on a hot and controversial topic even if they don't care ... all it is to them is just hits for them like they really care about females being exploited I guaranteed these are the same people in strip clubs on Friday nights
Putting dollar bill in the same exploited women's g strings

nosferatuzodd1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Indeed I see no degradation here woman has a natural talent they can wear sexy things and turn men into zombies so what..

What about those woman who use Sex has a weapon against men,all I'm hearing is this is sexist and that is sexist listen up men will always be men, even if a woman is covered up and she is beautiful we use our imagination to strip her naked and imagine what she looks like under there trying to stop it is like telling men not to be men sex sells I hate when ppl preach like there in a church and deep down there worst that the guy who is the worst womanizer there is you can tell this guy just use hop topics to get a buss so they jump on the pro female train trying to get hits but deep down they don't mean a word of what they are saying they're just has bad has the rest of us

medman1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

The way some developers portray women, I'm not sure they've ever actually touched a real woman. Some of it is really juvenile, prepubescent stuff.... including some of the Quiet stuff in MGSV. Having said that, I'm a grown man, and I'm not sure how I would feel about it if I were a young kid. I would probably think it was great.

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gangsta_red1182d ago

Seriously, is this the first time in video game history that a female character has been portrayed in a sexual, exploitative way?

I wonder what made this character the hot subject and not the many other Japanese games that portray women in way less and super top heavy.

Maybe because this game is a main stream hit and the characters are portrayed in a more realistic fashion as opposed to the anime types that look cartoonish? Maybe? Would that make a difference or any less offensive to these people writing these types of articles?

SpiralTear1182d ago

Let's talk about that Raiden scene in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.

You know...the one where he's naked and somersaults acrobatically through a military base. Doesn't make any sense to have him do that there, does it?

Double standards, mate. Until you can explain that, you have no right to complain about this.

Irishguy951182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Well, i'm not one to really give a shit about all this, but he was just tortured and stuff you know? The quiet thing is clearly sexual. For the entire game. I don't care what justifications or reasons Kojima and co give for it.

Again I don't actually care. But like...its pretty clear why they designed quiet the way they did, and her movements and angles and everything in between. Did they make her tits bigger than the actors for any other reason than to have bigger tits? No.

edit - as cup_n_sniff said, its for acne wankers to wank too. Also, its so common in many Japanese products. Anime, movies, general TV. Again, i'm just saying. Like. Who cares, its some virtual nakedness not a real girl being abused.

Spiral..seriously? You compare raiden running around naked, whcih is more of a 'comedic' scene, again, extremely popular in japanese products. To make male naked scenes 'comedic' and the girls are sexualized. Its completely different. Raiden was naked for 30 mins after getting striped and trotured, and yes, strippign is common in real life for torture. Like, I understand story reasons are used for both Raiden and Quiets nakedness. But please don't try and act as if they are the same.

Why people will get offended by this stuff...I don't have a clue. But eh.

Raidens is complete 'non sexualized'. Hes just naked. Quiet literally sitting in the chopper with you pulls all sorts of various sexual angles.

If raiden start posing for the camera i'd agree with you. But...well, it didn't happen.

SpiralTear1182d ago

You don't need to be butt naked and doing somersaults in a military base to be tortured. Nor do you need to have your crotch directly in the air covered only by one's hands. Don't be silly.

Unless you can guarantee to me that everything in Raiden's scene was absolutely required in the story because of "torture", that argument simply doesn't work. You can't move the goalposts like that.

kenwonobi1182d ago

Its called entertainment. You might find out these people are trying to make money. We see this in kids movies now sometimes too. I'm talking cartoons and comic books.

Irishguy951182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Yeah I know kenwonobi, I mean, whoever finds it entertaining, thats fine by me. No reason to complain about well, anything sexual imo. Specailly when porn is such a huge industry and everyone and their mums have sex.

I do find it weird sexualising kids is all. But I doubt i'm alone in that.

SpiralTear, anyway, quiet and raiden were completely different, whether or not you find either of them offensive is your own preference. A naked man doing cartwheels offends you? Does it make men look bad? I don't think you find it offensive, thus I just believe you are trying to compare it to Quiet. Which is just disagree with.

kenwonobi1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

I don't think the game is aimed at kids.I think it's an adult game for grownups and older teens. Thats why there is ratings. Its up to the parent in that regard. Parents just don't want any accountability these days. They don't have to buy it.

SpiralTear1182d ago

"A naked man doing cartwheels offends you? Does it make men look bad? I don't think you find it offensive, thus I just believe you are trying to compare it to Quiet. Which is just disagree with."

I don't find either offensive and that's the point. Neither are. They have a right to exist, but the reasons that I'm hearing about Quiet is this: "there was no good reason she needs to be like that." There was also no reason for Raiden to be like that, but THAT conversation NEVER HAPPENED.

This has nothing to do with my own personal preference, because neither Quiet nor Raiden are offensive in their respective scenes to me. What the Quiet detractors are revealing is their own double standards. You can't make the "there was no good reason" argument with Quiet without making the exact same for Raiden, which no one is, has, or ever will.

SpiralTear1181d ago

"But please don't try and act as if they are the same."

AGAIN, people are saying this about Quiet: "The reasoning behind her being like that is ridiculous. She doesn't need to be like that. Kojima's reason is dumb."

Unless you think that Raiden needed to be flipping with his crotch in the air for 30 minutes, the argument that Quiet needed to be crouched on all fours doesn't work. If you said to me that Kojima is just being a perv, yes, I'd totally buy that, but no one's saying that. Instead, it's attacking him for making some dumb perverted jokes with lines like "there's no story significance, sexist" He's a perv, let's face facts, but he wouldn't have given Quiet any sort of complex, deep backstory if he was a sexist.

"Raidens is complete 'non sexualized'"

Did you play MGS2? Do you know the history behind it? Because Kojima designed Raiden to look like he does on purpose. He was TRYING to appeal to female gamers with him, mostly young adult women. This is DOCUMENTED.

I'm highlighting the double standards here, that the arguments that many are making against Quiet are just terrible arguments that could go against Raiden as well. What YOU'RE saying is that Quiet's situation is different because she's a woman. A sexualized woman. That's not an argument. "They're different" isn't an argument.

Also, I will note that the most vocal folks who are against Quiet's representation are men. Most women I've seen online run from "I really don't care" to "She's a powerful character. Ignore the outfit." The worst I've heard from a woman is "Kojima is pandering shamelessly to guys, but whatever." The most volatile of opponents are guys. I've seen them talk and it's pathetic.

nosferatuzodd1181d ago

So you're saying a guy running naked is not the same thing ok cool got you lol

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chrisx1182d ago

you will never hear them talk about that raiden nude gameplay section..never. they are all hypocrites

MysticStrummer1181d ago

From what I've played of the game, I'm amazed that no one is talking about the fact that Snake is helping the mujahideen… you know, the same group Osama Bin Laden was part of…?

Instead we're talking about boobs. Again.

For the record, I'm fine with Snake helping them, I'm just amazed that I haven't seen any talk about that but lots of talk about this. Well not amazed really, but once again saddened by the human race, or at least the vocal part of it.

kenwonobi1182d ago

Grow up already. We aren't all kids playing these games. Pull stick from butt. How in any way is video games different than cinema? Why in any way is it different than music videos or ant form of entertainment? Go away already pc judgmental crowds of gaming. You are the problem. Blame your own parenting skills. Look at you if things go wrong..Not video games.

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