MS annual report: A study in open-source awareness...and ignorance

CNET Reports: "In reading through Microsoft's annual report, I am struck by how far the company has come in appreciating the threat that open source brings to Redmond. I'm also shocked by just how ill-informed the company continues to be with regard to open source as a business strategy. Steve Ballmer has revealed this before in his quips about "Open source won't pay our bills," but here Microsoft has managed to enshrine its ignorance in a public document.

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Poor Xbots4312d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, ignorance? Poor Xbots, its like you, your so ignorant on knowing which console is best for gaming, and to accept the fact you must get one.

Poor Xbots

Zerodin4312d ago

Do you just copy and paste your replies?
Do you have a key that says "Ahso!" and you push it?

Shroomy4312d ago

Best gaming is on PC, provided you are employed and have the money you won't get stupid "this game has too many jaggies, this game has screen tearing, the textures look flat" issues.

Silly consolebots! :p

meepmoopmeep4312d ago

it's hard for any company that relies heavily on revenue generated by it's proprietary software to jump to open source. that's suicide.

Lyan4312d ago

"But if it continues to sacrifice the web to protect its desktop hegemony (while it fends off attacks from Apple and Google), and throws out the open standards and open source that drives successful web companies, it will rightly dwindle in importance and eventually die, however long that might take."

Article overall was good in insight and opinion, however I think the above closing remarks were a little forgetful of how Microsoft really stays strong. It stays strong by remaining the primary software, and the industry itself is stronger for it, like it or not. Mixed compatibility, which is a continuous problem as is, would be worse without them.