Official Statement from CD Projekt CEO on EA buyout Rumour

Fans of CD Projekt Red who might have been worrying due to this story doing the rounds, here's something to cheer you up. The studio's community lead Marcin Momot has denied that the rumours of an EA acquisition are true.

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uth111129d ago

"Just bumped into Marcin Iwiński - it was new to him," he tweeted. "I guess the "informer" has better insight than the @CDPROJEKTRED founder. :)"

I can't help but reading between the lines when it comes to PR and political speech, but that's not a strong enough denial for me.

But that could be interpreted as "the rumors are new to him". but They never say the rumors are wrong. I've seen this kind of misdirection used before. Hope I'm wrong :)

Da Ill One1129d ago

Agree, this isn't a denial, sounds more like a misdirection

Erik73571129d ago

They also said they never downgraded which was a complete lie so I don't understand why they couldn't lie about this....

Roccetarius1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

Yeah, i wouldn't believe a word coming from them after their downgradeathon. They really dodged the important questions during that time, and tried to manipulate people into thinking it was all fine, even though the evidence was clear as day.

Ever since the Witcher 3 reveal, their behavior has changed more to that of other publishers.

AndrewLB1129d ago

I thought it was pretty clear. It's not true. I bet it's a disgruntled employee who was recently fired, stirring up crap because I highly doubt any current employee would risk losing such a great job.

Being fired by CDPR would look much worse on your resume than being fired after EA took the company over since that's what typically happens with every developer EA gets their filthy hands on.

nX1129d ago

^CDPR is actually one of the most player-friendly studios there currently is, to me it's almost impossible to believe that they would get themselves bought by someone like EA. Not to mention that I think they made enough money with TW3 to stay independent.

RegorL1129d ago

@nX but the questions are:

* Did they make enough money on Witcher 3 to found development of next game?

- Witcher 3 was delayed
- costs a LOT
- Witcher 3 needed further patching on all platforms
- costs

* Is their engine future proof?
- DX12
- async compute
or will they have to spend A LOT to rework the engine?

EA have solutions for both problems...

DOMination-1129d ago

They make lots of money from GOG

jb2271129d ago

Honestly if they were ever going to be bought out, now would be the time. Directly after a unanimously praised success but before that success translates into an inflated cost for acquiring the dev. Not like this would be EA's first rodeo & also not like CDPR is above such petty things as huge financial incentive.

UltraNova1129d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

You guys sure like a good old conspiracy theory don't you?

Yeah who am I kidding I love them my self!

Now, why stay independent and always have that chance of going under or the pressure of keeping costs low all the time looming over your head or the devastating consequence a failed game release ensues?

Try and see this from CDPR's founder perspective for a bit and you'll soon realize that he would actually love to sign a deal with EA just like Bungie did with Activision, a deal that lets them keep all creative freedom and they get to keep their IPs all while having EA's bank account to 'keep them warm at night'.

There's a point in time were everyone who has worked hard enough to make something on his own and keep his creative freedom long enough only to realize one day that they should get their chips and get out while their ahead.

Long story cut short, CDPR have been around for ages and had many difficulties as any indie before them; I'm sure that their founder/CEOs want some closure and a good deal with a major publisher would be the smartest move they could make.

Dont get me wrong I don't want them signing with Evil A, but I sure aint the one who has to make that decision.

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Grap1129d ago

they only developers that honest to their fan whether you like it or not.

Irishguy951129d ago

Well, lets face it, the witcher did recieve a downgrade and CdpR did hide it

IC3_DEMON1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

Who is disagreeing with Irishguys comment? He is correct, it was clearly downgraded.

I even returned the game without opening it because of that fact. Waiting for the Enhanced Edition, if that ever comes around.

1129d ago
wsoutlaw871129d ago

hyde it? You guys are just getting stupid with this downgrade bs. You cant downgrade a game that hasnt been released yet. Who really gives a damn

sullynathan1129d ago

@bruce755 The game was downgraded, anyone with eyes can see it. There are videos of the game 1 year and 2 years before release that look far better than the game looked at release. I know you want to defend a game that you like, but don't insult anyone's intelligence.

A game that had 4 years of development is not at the concept stage at 1 or 2 years till release.

Vegamyster1129d ago


They told us the game wasn't downgraded and at one point - can't find article/dev form post - said it would look like the 2013/VGX footage, they even said the game would look better and PC ultra footage hadn't been shown off yet. They didn't change their stance on this until after the game came out.

Dude4201129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )


Yes because graphics is their top priority within those 4 years of development. Mechanics, dialogue, language, ideas, AI, content, art style, story, characters, porting (PS4 and XOne) testing, bugs etc... are all just secondary to graphics.

CDPR, an independent team with a size not as big as other big name developers, should have given you shinier graphics and shittier gameplay.

It's unfortunate people like don't know anything about software development, because you wouldn't be moaning and groaning about this blown out of proportion graphics downgrade.

I'll bet they'll release a Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition for free and you'll still be bitching about how they should have done this last year.

sullynathan1129d ago

@Dude420 I don't know about you but CDPR are known for having great graphics and for being a primarily PC developer. They are like CRYTEK in that sense. The game's art style falls under graphics too.

The fact that they showed the player one thing and when the game released it was another and lied about it and denied it until much later after release is a problem plus the game could still look better.

Why are you defending them when the issue is not about graphics and you are bringing up other things? You know that the downgrade occurred within a year to release which means most of the game had been completed by then.

It's unfortunate that you and many others on N4G would go to such great lengths to defend a company that doesn't care about you and would lie to it's consumers. Don't think anyone hasn't noticed it. Anytime someone poses a different point of view, criticizes, says another company out does them or doesn't praise CDPR they get a mountain of disagrees just like I will after this comment and just like Irishguy95 did even though his comment wasn't a lie.

Dude4201129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )


Go to great lengths to defend them because I know something about software development and you don't?

CDPR made the decision to port the game to consoles, and in order to release the game in a stable state in a reasonable amount of time, it's clear that some of the details had to be sacrificed to meet their goals.

If they had delayed the game further to focus on improving the graphical quality, it would have cost them more money during development. Things change during software development, they ALWAYS change, hence why you see a different version than what was shown at its debut, that is the nature of the work. I'm sorry if you fail to comprehend this.

As a company, profit needs to be made, that's a no brainer, but what you're suggesting is that most, if not all individuals who work at CDPR don't care about us. I'm sorry, but the amount of effort put into all the details of this game, the fact that there is no DRM, the fact that they are on the ball with fixing the game's problems despite it being a huge game, the fact that in previous games they gave free content to gamers leads me to believe that they do in fact care about their fanbase. They deserve to be defended for all the effort they into it.

Name me a developer, especially one with a publisher, that has done this much for their audience? But hey, they apparently lied to us about a graphical change, off with their heads right?

And here you are, like many others, moaning and groaning about a visual change like a self-entitled brat, as if you didn't get the Darth Vader model you wanted for Christmas.

kupomogli1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )


CDPR doesn't care about you. Their PR the entire time was to make gamers think they're the white knights of the video game industry. "Hey look, free DLC for the first 16 weeks starting with week one." Yeah, 16 free pieces of DLC that were already developed with the game and held back so players keep the game longer and praise the company because they're getting free stuff. Most of the stuff was cosmetic and they didn't tell you what you were getting other than the first few weeks, so at the end of 16 weeks you now had a game that has severely depreciatted in value so you can't get near as much selling it used and definitely not the months of content they stated it would keep you occupied for, rather a few quests and cosmetic junk.

Before launch they stated how the game was running 30fps without frame drops, but then after launch it was a completely different story.

For the downgrade, people don't care that the graphics are worse, as much as they care about the developer showcasing better graphics in order to hype their game up then the graphics are worse at the time of release. If the game looked like it did when it was originally announced, no one would have had an issue with it. Can't believe people are still buying into CDPR's PR.

DaBeatSpecialist1129d ago

@bruce755 Even CDProject confirmed it was downgraded so why are you defending them LMFAO

Dude4201128d ago


Again, another troll who doesn't anything about Software development. With a company size of just over 200 employees, not everyone is going to catch the problems of the program before release. When you release a game to millions of players, there are bound to be problems. But why am I bother explaining this, you trolls just bitch and complain about something you don't know anything about.

"For the downgrade, people don't care that the graphics are worse, as much as they care about the developer showcasing better graphics in order to hype their game up then the graphics are worse at the time of release."

That doesn't make any sense, if people didn't care about the graphics being worse, then there wouldn't this nonsense in the first place. Sure, CDPR kind of avoided the question of why the visual change, but that's most likely because they didn't to waste their time explaining to ignorant people like you.

Again, learn the nature of software development and maybe you'll understand why there might be a change in certain areas.

"CDPR doesn't care about you."

It seems like you didn't read my post properly. Are you telling me the individuals who helped create this game don't care at all about the final product?

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GordonKnight1129d ago

This is problem with mainstream gaming. Greedy companies come to rape & pillage awesome games and ruin future releases in the series. This is why the indie games are starting to get some much better. Publishers just set the sells expectations way to high and then spend to much on advertising.

Look at what money is doing to the NFL, which I don't watch anymore. Flag football sucks!

shmowboyfebop1129d ago

Dementia, suicide, and being crippled in one's early 40s suck too. The rule changes in the NFL won't change these things. Better equipment won't either. Massive human beings running into each other at high speeds will also cause damage. The NFL needs to offer the best lifelong health care possible. And that still wouldn't fix these issues. I love football, but I can't support it anymore.

Tl;dr I'll stick with basketball.

aquaticDonut1129d ago

I think you might be a little paranoid.

showtimefolks1129d ago

For as much hate EA gets its not right. They do mess up franchises but they also make a lot of quality games

I hope if Cd project red are up for sale taj someone else buys them

Warner Bros
Take two

uth111129d ago

Historically EA has screwed up a lot of studios.

But under their new CEO they are trying to turn their image around. Maybe they'll do things differently now, idk. But I don't like the odds :)

annoyedgamer1129d ago

Quality games? Start naming them. I will wait. And they have to be released within the last 3 years.

kupomogli1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )


Warner Bros is worse than EA. Good look getting a full game without it being riddled with DLC, much of it being day one, and good luck getting any performance patches fixing any of the games issues.

Thatguy-3101129d ago

Same response respawn made when Microsoft secured the Titanfall exclusivity. Have a strong feeling the rumors are true.

wsoutlaw871129d ago

who actually believes they would do a deal with ea? why on earth would they? The witcher 3 had a $32 million budget to make the game with a reported 35$ for marketing. Thats tiny compared to other AAA games. The company PROFITED 63.3$ million in just the first half of this year. That would give them enough to fund cyberpunk. Their DlC will also sell well too. Plus goty editions will come out next year. Thats not to mention all the progamer stuff they work for like free dlc and no drm, that EA is the exact opposite of. I would be absolutely shocked if they ever do a deal with ea.

uth111129d ago

true, but on the other hand, who would have thought Mojang would sell out to Microsoft?

wsoutlaw871129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

lol ya but that price was crazy. they were buying minecraft though because it became a huge pop success, not because mojang was a good dev studio. 2.5 billion for 1 game is a whole different story

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jon_snow1129d ago

If EA buys them, Then say goodbye to free dlc and some quest will be removed from main game only to be added as DLC later.

Da Ill One1129d ago

Be ready for the Witcher yearly also.

jon_snow1129d ago

Also pay more for early access and Timed Exclusives Dlc.

aLucidMind1129d ago

Witcher 4: The Cover Shooter.

Spurg1129d ago

Im not saying i dont appriciate their free dlc but they were really lacking in contents...I was hoping it wold be something along the lines of Mass efffect 2 dlc maybe 1 or 2 of them. I thought CD red would set a standard for free dlc but they dont seems that big of a deal.

Paytaa1129d ago

You're right, I should be paying $2 for an in-game beard

sullynathan1129d ago

The Mass Effect 2 free DLC was better and it was by EA. I don't know why you got so many disagrees

_-EDMIX-_1129d ago

lol, I actually agree. Their free dlc was..."meh", free is nice but I have to agree, other teams have done better free content for a while now.

I thought it was a bunch of quest and junk. I am happy about the expansion DLC they are doing though!

Halo2ODST21129d ago

The Mass Effect 2 free dlc was better than W3 dlc

UKmilitia1128d ago

the stuff they gave away couldnt of been sold surely?

who would buy a beard ffs
the free DLC was taken out the game and then gifted.
that isnt free because it would of already been there.

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HighResHero1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

Don't forget about the DRM.

d_g1129d ago

i guess we won't see the free FREE DLCs anymore

italiangamer1129d ago

RIP in peperoni Geralt of Rivia.

triple_c1129d ago

Well, it's a relief to hear that Evil Animals, I mean EA isn't buying them out lol