Stunning Steve Austin takes a spot in this week’s WWE 2K16 roster reveal

James writes - "In what is expected to be the final week of WWE 2K16 on-disc roster reveals, 2K have certainly kept a couple of surprises up their sleeves."

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oKidUKo1134d ago

Pretty shocked there's no Sasha or Charlotte. Saving them for dlc I bet.

deadpoolio3161134d ago

You mean Sasha who has been confirmed since February....Yes the whole Minoriteam is in the game

oKidUKo1134d ago

Not confirmed for disc roster as far as I know :)

Deathdeliverer1134d ago

I'm glad someone else realized that. I thought it was just me. Devon and Bubba Ray are the only "culturally divided" team. They don't know what they want to do with Alicia Fox and Sasha loses daily when she used to be a bad ass. They just created the "minoriteam", (who thought of that lol) and makes every effort to get her to lose any fans she had.

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Masterchief_thegoat1134d ago

austin should stone cold stunner you

BLAKHOODe1134d ago

I know of wives who deserve a good beating. I know most of us were raised to never lay a hand on a woman (and women know this and use it to their advantage), but you weren't there - don't know the situation. A man has every right to defend himself - that includes when being held against his will. I know guys who tried to walk away from an argument and the woman blocked their path; detaining them, forcing them to continue the argument. Sometimes it's best to walk away, calm down and let things simmer.

topgun331134d ago

I am disappointed that Eddie Guerrero, Scott Hall, Godfather, Road Dogg, lita and Trish are MIA as well. They have the character models already. Instead of deleting people, just add to the roster every year. Since the Dudley Boyz are back,they should add them as well

oKidUKo1134d ago

I think Scott Hall is one that could've been in Austin's showcase, so I guess none of the nWo or Invasion (no Angle) stuff is included.