New songs for Rock Band 4 announced including Mumford and Sons and Imagine Dragons

Harmonix today announced additional tracks for the highly-anticipated Rock Band 4, including music from Brad Paisley ft. Keith Urban, Imagine Dragons, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Mumford & Sons, and more.

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Kalebninja1131d ago

Tongue Tied? Really?! Can they stop with this weak shit and give us something better? The only post hardcore songs are with PlayStation store preorder and there's like 3... Lame.

Bimkoblerutso1131d ago

They have to mix the good stuff in with poppy crap to attract a larger audience. They've done this with just about every one of these games.

elarcadia1131d ago

I am still pissed that Guitar Hero changed their guitar controller, thus making it impossible to play using Rock Band guitars on GH and vice versa. Looks like it will only be RB for me from here on out.

DogtagDuke19921131d ago

Add online MP and I'll buy it. Until then, it's an unfinished game.

LifeInNZ1131d ago

Use to love these games...till Rocksmith. Now I cant go back as they are just too casual.

addictedtochaos1131d ago

Almost nothing good on this game.

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