Former Xbox head: Next-gen will be a 'whole new game', surprised by Satya as CEO

The gaming industry is in the midst of the hottest generation of consoles we've ever seen, as both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have shattered sales trends of preceding consoles. All of this success certainly bodes well for a new generation of consoles, and should there be another one, we could witness the emergence of a "whole new game."

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StrayaKNT1183d ago

There you have it guys. Xbox isn't going anywhere and I'm sure their next gen console will have the best offerings.

TheGreatGamer1183d ago

Neither consoles going anywhere. I definitely don't think this gen will last as long as the last one but both MS and Sony will release new consoles and I still think they'll be boxes and not a 'service' or anything like that. Both are selling too well to not continue into another gen

freshslicepizza1183d ago

who, aside from loyal playstationl fans, is worried about the xbox brand? satya nedella is fully committed, phil spencer has done a miraculous turnaround. they are investing in new ip's. they listened about kinect. so again, aside from loyal playstation fans, is questioning the future of the xbox one and the future on the xbox brand?

XboxOneX1183d ago

Microsoft are always listening to feedback and making changes. From the people working on Windows operating systems to the ones who are doing the Xbox one updates.


freshslicepizza1183d ago

"Microsoft are always listening to feedback and making changes. From the people working on Windows operating systems to the ones who are doing the Xbox one updates."

they never used to. the later years on the xbox 360 was not them listening to feedback and even the launch plans for the xbox one. they were basically forced to listen but the good news is they have been for awhile now and the attitude at microsoft has changed for the better. even people working there say there is a new attitude and positive atmosphere now that steve ballmer is gone. they also have a great guy in charge of xbox now with the full backing of the new ceo.

NukaCola1182d ago

Phil Spencer listens... Don and that Ballick bald guy never did. Fans were told what to like and why looking at the bottom of an avatars foot is truly next gen.

The last year has been such a turn around for Xbox.

JustGamin851182d ago

I'm not to sure, i think this console year may be shorter than the last by maybe a year less, but i really dont think it will be that much shorter just for the simple fact that both Sony and Micro like to improve/redesign there current console and sell it to the mass. Then again i dont mind being wrong in this topic but if they do plan to give us some new hardware lets say 2 years from now, i really do hope that the console can be a bit more future proof in terms of hardware (that's to say if they don't use online/streaming services to improve graphic/gameplay).

donthate1182d ago

Well I hope Sony spins off Playstation. It would definitely be much better for PS as a whole not getting their profits siphoned away to keep Sony from going bankrupt faster.

There is nothing Playstation is really benefitting from being part of Sony. No technology benefits, no eco-system benefits and no financial benefits.

If you disagree, tell me what benefits Playstation has from Sony right now?

ColonelHugh1182d ago


I hesitate to even respond seeing as you're the only one here who really even brought up PlayStation.

Without Sony, PS4 would not have spotify, vue, or gaikai, and would have to pay royalties for bluray.

As for the future, Sony and Panasonic, the developers of bluray, are creating the archival disc.

Single-layered blurays hold 50Gb, and the standard dual-layered hold 100Gb, with the costly and rare quads holding double that.

Archival disks hold 300, 500, and 1Tb of information. Soon most, if not all, of the world's information at server farms will use specialized variants to hold up to over 100Tb of data on AD cards carrying multiple disks folded over on one another many times.

fr0sty1182d ago

If they were smart, next gen would be where windows and xbox are totally unified, and you buy one game for both platforms and it scales just like PC games already do. Like a steam machine, but with the brand recognition of windows behind it.

vegasdawg711182d ago

Sony and Microsoft are on record saying they no longer want to build consoles. The profits are to low and it's a giant headache. Next Gen? My guess? What do you think PlayStation Now is? You think they're plan on using if for Ps3 games for ever? No, it's a beta for Ps5. <---Not officially, just my guess. Let's use common sense , why sell something that you make very little to no money on when you don't have to? I know you love your consoles people but a change is coming and it's called streaming.
The future is near and you will be streaming the same game to your 4k tv's and cell phones. Just depends on how long this gen last and they way they're selling, it's going to be a while.

rainslacker1182d ago

I've never personally worried that it would just be dropped. I speculated if things didn't pick up earlier on, MS could drop it, but the way it's going now, I can't see that happening. So long as there is money to be made, and it's significant enough to justify it's existence, they'll continue. Same goes with all consoles really.

The only thing I worry about is the direction it'll go, but I have that question on my mind about the industry in general, and it has nothing to do with MS or the least not directly.


PS is already spun off. Sony computer Entertainment is a subsidiary of Sony. If MS spun off, they'd likely set it up the same way, instead of just being a division within MS proper.

dcbronco1182d ago

Frosty look into universal apps. According to Microsoft speakers several times at BUILD and GDC that is already the case. They've made it clear universal apps will work across all platforms with minor adjustments and that games are apps. It's up to developers to allow one purchase cross platform use. But Windows 10 is a unified system including Xbox. Phil Spencer even mentioned producing Excel spreadsheets on Xbox at the Windows 10 announcement conference.

rainslacker1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )


Depends on the type of game on whether it's an app or not. The One Platform relies on MFC which is part of .NET, and for programs/games built on that structure, it will work across platforms if the dev wants it. It's much the same thing they had with XNA, although much more robust, and now not narrowed to certain parts of .NET. On the app(typical program) side it's also not much different than what they had with C# or what we have with Java or MONO, it's just now more streamlined than before. The only exception now is that unlike Java or Mono, OneCore may not be as supported on non-MS OS devices...such as Droid.

For the AAA game, they use the XBox/DX12(for PC) SDK, which does not run off this foundation as it's inefficient and too high level for today's modern game coding practices, so those types would rely on the DX SDK conversion to multiple devices, and wouldn't be practical in every situation, although up/downgrades are entirely logical as it's done now. All this assumes they are using MS provided tools, and not a 3rd party game engine, although 3rd party game engines mostly can do all this conversion as well for any relevant device...with the exception of Windows Phone OS oddly enough.

Again for apps, for some types of games, game engines will probably change from device dependent to OneCore, which will bring in Windows Phone more into this group, and obviously show more support for any device that uses the OneCore platform, such as surface or a plug in within DroidOS if MS is smart.

Having used the SDK I can say that the conversion is relatively simple on the coding side, the optimization could go either way, and of course, any graphics abilities are always going to be dependent on the GPU in any device.

Truthfully, OneCore doen't provide a huge change in the way things are done now, as developers are going to go where they can make their game and make a profit off it. Much of what OneCore offers was already available, but in different forms from different providers. In this case, MS is just another provider of such a feature, but it's been a pretty standard thing on Apple and Android products for a while now. On the consumer side though, it can be very beneficial, as it does allow for more opportunity for cross-buy functionality on enabled apps, but on the down side for the developers, it requires that customers actually have those multiple devices to care about such a feature, and on the plus side for MS, it adds a selling point to any device that is sold with their OS.

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SpaceRanger1183d ago

Did you read the article?
This is a "Former Xbox Head" stating that any console will have to define itself if it comes out next gen since we're getting things like Apple TV emerging into the small casual gaming market.

When a device like Apple TV comes in doing the "home entertainment center" better than what one console focused so much on at launch along with it supporting a wide variety of app games. It makes people question what and where do we draw the line for what a console is.

ScorpiusX1183d ago

The only ones to buy apple anything are its fans, everyone else will go for the Other items that have the same offerings and cheaper

freshslicepizza1183d ago

apple tv is still not a threat to consoles though. apple is not interested in gaming, if they were they would be investing in the development process. the consoles today have entertainment value outside of gaming but the gaming is still front and center and the heart of the consoles.

Thatguy-3101183d ago

No one cares for Apple TV though so their ain't much of threat. The games on the app store are specifically just to kill time. No on es going to buy apple TV just to play app games on a larger screen

Davi1231182d ago

That is MS saying: «Next gen we will launch the Xbox Steam, because ours focus will be Windows 10»

DVAcme1182d ago

You're delusional if you think the Apple TV will do anything more than a microscopic ripple against the console market. It will never get the support of 3rd party developers necessary to compete, nor will the actual box have the technical specs to match consoles. PC is the only market that goes head-to-head with consoles, and consoles will still survive on factors like convenience, price range and exclusives. And what, you think the Apple TV will survive as a glorified TV app hub? The Ouya says "hi."

Apple TV is gonna be dead within two years, mark my words.

GordonKnight1182d ago

@ DVAcme

Apple TV won't be dead in two years. It will only have an impact on the casual gamer market though.(people that look at gaming as the third selling point of their devise purchase.) A lot of people looking to cut the cable cord are thinking about purchasing an X1. This is where the Apple TV 4 will have an impact on the console market. Apple TV may not have the AAA titles the hardcore want, but having indie and classic games will appeal to the casual market.

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triple_c1183d ago

Straya, this guy left Microsoft in 2010 and he doesn't even work for Microsoft anymore...

IrishSt0ner1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

16 agrees lol, how is that possible?

Why are you addressing the CEO Satya Nadella?

UncleJerry1183d ago

I agree that we will see new consoles and that they will be physical boxes...though I think services will continue to play an increasingly important role. As far as xbox having the "best offerings", I am inclined to agree, but that will be highly subjective and it's too early to tell.

I do love me some xbox, and I think they have learned quite a bit from the start of this gen. At this point, each console maker has had their share of triumphs and hard learned lessons so I wholly expect the next gen to be a closer game, at least from the outset (this is of course if the the respective manufacturers learn from the past). I have to say I love my ps4 and my X1, and am hoping for a better effort from nintendo next time, so any indication of another console gen is good news to me.

k-dillinger1183d ago

xbox already talking about next gen only because they are losing bad and it feels like the original xbox all over again where they feel they need to jump onto next gen early to beat sony these microsoft guys are pathetic they will jump alone and they will fail and i believe these systems will last as long as last gen the days where you get new systems every 4 -5 years are over

Godmars2901183d ago

As said by someone who doesn't work for the company anymore? Hasn't for some time.

3-4-51182d ago

When you make up 1/3 of the market your in, you just don't give that up willingly unless you are dumb.

Nintendo, Sony & Microsoft are here to stay.

CKPan1182d ago

Xbox always will be the alternative.

FlexLuger1182d ago

Playstation is my alternative. I bought a PS4 first this gen. But the XB1 is king of the hill in my house hold, now.

Davi1231182d ago

Of course not! They will launch the "Xbox Service" on Windows 10 and then, probably, a "console" called: Xbox Steam. «Next gen will be very different»!

mEATgrinder1182d ago Show
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bryank751182d ago

There you have it Xbox is finished...

BLAKHOODe1182d ago

Too early to say. As I said last generation, Sony will win the current generation (PS4) if they learned their lesson and kept their egos in check, as Microsoft's ego will ultimately ruin them... and that's exactly how it went down. In the beginning.

Microsoft's ego blew the Xbox One's launch, but it humbled them quickly and they began listening to the gamers and after this Fall's update, Xbox One is looking more and more like the console to own.

Sony got a big head real quick with the instant success of the PS4 and now they are making some terrible decisions that are not exactly in gamer's best interest - at least, when compared to what Microsoft is offering.

Right now, it's too early to say who's ego is going to stay in check the longest. They'll likely go back and forth a few times before it's all done and over with, but I think this is Microsoft's year. What next year will bring? Who knows!

DVAcme1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Whoops, double post

DVAcme1182d ago

Which terrible decisions has Sony made that were not in gamers' best interest?

Not trolling, I genuinely wanna know.

BLAKHOODe1181d ago

Charging to "rent" games we may already own for one thing, DVAcme. They also make PS+ a requirement to play the PS4 online, which I'm not complaining about, because I would have PS+ regardless for the free games, but even they have dropped in value on all fronts compared to what they were when Xbox wasn't doing it.

Like I said, it's a back and forth cycle of trying to win gamers over. Microsoft is taking the lead this year - rather they keep it, depends on how long they can control their EGO.

Azzanation1182d ago

Whats with all the disagrees? lol this site.

BLAKHOODe1181d ago

I think a lot of people hit disagree just for the fun of it. Nerds, gamers.. for people so smart, there are a lot of immature minds leading the pack.

christian hour1182d ago

This read like someone who doesn't understand the industry interviewing someone who doesn't really understand videogames.

They lost me at the Apple TV remark.

They lost me even more when the writer failed to realise just WHY the last generation lasted as long as it did, and assumed this one would last as long (if not longer).

If this generation really does have another 6-7 years left to go, shoot me. From 5-18 I witnessed 3 generations. If its a case of from 18-38 I only experience 2 generations, somethings gone awry. Unless theres another crazy recession coming in the next year or so, this gen should only last another 4 years at most. That's my preference anyway.

DarXyde1182d ago

Somehow, without the trolling of PlayStation fans, PlayStation and Sony are being brought up and bashed by...Xbox fans? Cool beans, guys.

That aside, Xbox isn't likely to be going anywhere. Still find PlayStation to be the only platform that really appeals to my tastes and I believe most gamers feel that way too; there's enough for everyone. But no, Xbox is fine by the markets it appeals to.

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corroios1183d ago

Next gen i have big doubts. What are the gold for Sony e Microsoft? to reach 4k? 30 or 60 frames? how much will they cost?

But i know that the PS4 and Xbox One are still in the early years.

freshslicepizza1183d ago

things are changing rapidly. i expect the systems won't be like they are today. there is just too much investment in new hardware and sony and microsoft see a bigger picture out there and that picture is offering services like playstation now. way less overhead and you can put it on so many devices than just one. services like netflix have shown how many millions of customers are out there already connected so this notion what about those in rural areas that can't access games online is just fear mongering. we already are connected and the impact of cellphones out there to consoles is staggering. so imagine a powerful device that can be portable to connect to your large tv and access your games anywhere. just sign into your xbox account or playstation account and away you go. why invest in proprietary hardware if you don't have to? that is the future but many will put a serious damper on that, those who like ownership and collectors. tell them to talk to audiophiles and movie enthusiasts. they see the writing on the wall yet gamers refuse to, expect for the hundreds of million of pc gamers and mobile gamers of course. but they don't count right?

Godmars2901182d ago

Consoles can't keep up with PCs in terms of performance, and most people don't want to commit to the investment in time, money and knowhow involved with high end PCs. That's why the 7th console gen was the mess it was.

The future of what is console - general - gaming is, sadly, going to be iOS related given the way things are going.

Kingthrash3601182d ago

A pc isn't a console.
That's like saying a console is a handheld.
My point...nnobody is talking pc talk. We know it's the strongest but pc ain't the topic...consoles are. I still don't understand why pc guys always feel the need to say we are the strongest when pc isn't even on topic. It's like you are begging for attention and it's sad.

Godmars2901182d ago


How can you be that literal and oblivious?

Scatpants1182d ago

If ios had awesome games and an awesome controller I would play them, but they don't at this point so it doesn't matter to me all that much. They do have a few fun games though like Hearthstone and Transistor and Shadowrun, but not on a level that can compete head to head with consoles, not yet anyway.

Godmars2901182d ago

Sony's plan with PSNow is to stream games through their TVs or any other similar device like a DVR. You'd only need a controller to play them.

That's what I meant by "iOS related".

_-EDMIX-_1182d ago

Because hardware prices never lower ever in life....

yet this...

Sooooo they are not going anywhere. PC will have great hardware.....thats nice. What does that have to do with console?

Having GREAT hardware today on PC doesn't mean console won't have great hardware tomorrow.

MOST can't keep up with ACE PC builders....its why consoles are selling at a record pace. The poeple who don't want to "commit" are in the HUGE mega millions sooooooo how would that actually hurt console? really, really think about what your saying.

In order to run 4K, 5TFLOPs is enough.....PS4 5x is around 9TFLOPS....

PS4 is 10X of PS3...

Sooooo even if PS5 is 5x that of PS4, it will already be far ahead of that standard.

Systems went from 512mb to 8gigs...a 16x JUMP soooooo even a 4x jump is about really think that 9TFLOPs of GPU performance and 32GIGs is the norm on PC right now? lol

I 4 or 5 years, I can see that as something many are running, but for consoles its very likely and even the stats I posted are actually pretty tame if you consider historically they've upgraded much, much more compared to what I listed.

The future of gaming will never fully remain at the high end due to the entry price, but that isn't even the driving economical install base anyway so not sure why the doom look on console gaming when console gaming thriving right now.

iOS won't touch Sony, Nintendo or MS's consoles. I are those android consoles doing?

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christian hour1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

If hitting 4k or 60fps next gen is going to impact on things like fully dynamic lighting and fully dynamic real time reflections among many other amazing thins that add incredible immersion, then I'd prefer they didn't aim for that. I realise I'm in the minority here, but i'll take more believable, breathable worlds over a smoother frame rate any day. (im not saying a choppy frame rate would be grand, but a steady one that doesnt go below 30 is more than enough, how did you guys even game 10-15 years ago if yr thinking 60 or bust!?)

Sadly thats all a next gen is to a lot of people, just bigger numbers, oooh la la.

I mean I totally see the advantages of 4k etc, but right now we have games on consoles that are 60fps and 1080p but they are still using old gen techniques like baked lighting and faked/scripted destruction or atmospherics etc etc.

I don't want to play games in 4k next gen if it means they'll have to resort to more baked lighting and all that malarky just to hit the two things most people are only familiar with (res and framerate).

DarXyde1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

The only reason PC can hit 60fps/4k is because there's so much variance with specs. If the next generation of consoles were on par with top class PCs, and you actually stress the hardware, it'll struggle. That will never happen, but PC games are often developed with mid range specs in mind.

Consoles have locked specs and developers know every console can run a game a certain way, so they develop around that. Because not every PC is equal, games are developed around mid range specifications where you can change performance settings accordingly. Even then, it does not use specs to their max. Resolution and frame rate are not quite the same as actual polygon count and such, so naturally, a high end PC will never struggle because people with that kind of power are in the minority.

And really, why would you try to stress that kind of hardware? Frankly, I feel that high end PC graphics now are astonishing and we need not go any further; maybe just up computation as time goes on to make for larger worlds and the like. The downside there is games will take even longer to develop.

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DragonDDark1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

I don't care...

FN4GM1182d ago

I guess they are looking at a "new game" for next gen cause its pretty much game over for them this gen.

kma2k1182d ago

Last gen i was playstation only the psn outage led me to xbox. This gen i went with ps4 out the gate launch day & my son got xbox one...the serious lack of anything really WOWing me this gen has led me to PC gaming, & after building a gaming PC i cant imagine going back to consoles 1080p or higher 60fps is just the way to go for everything!

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rainslacker1182d ago

The wow moments are there, but they are more spread out than we got used to last gen. There wasn't much of a leap this gen as there was in gens prior, so it's harder to impress, but there are plenty of good games to choose from. The frequency of wow games is going to increase going into this holiday and moving forward...and likely slow down come the summer as usual.