No Violent Motorcycle Crashes in Burnout Paradise

The addition of motorcycles to Burnout Paradise -- first announced back in April as part of the upcoming "Davis" update -- was an exciting prospect for fans of the smash-em-up racing series. But those who get a particularly sick kick out of seeing road-rashed riders are in for a disappointment: According to MTV Multiplayer, whose Stephen Totilo recently got some hands-on time with the update, human bodies won't be receiving that same level of patented Burnout damage during wrecks as car bodies do.

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name4322d ago

I want those motorcycles soooo bad.

IzKyD13314321d ago

motorstorm crashes are brutal (with people on) and its still rated T

Nuclearfish4321d ago

Paradise is rated E. The MTV article got it wrong for some reason.

And apparantly the motorbikes are more about speed than crashing anyway.

Megatron084321d ago

wow sound like the update will be a complete waste of time. what happen to warning rating may change during online play ?

Harry1904321d ago

Having a blast.Great game.

No FanS Land4321d ago

True, I bought it back in June, I'm pleased with it+ the free cagney update which added new things and 1080i support. I like that thing. And ,soon there will be trophy support, man I want them!

IzKyD13314321d ago

i just wish more people had bought this game, its like 10 times better than need for speed

outlawlife4321d ago

i regret not buying this at launch, now it seems a bit late to dedicate my time to with everything new coming out soon

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The story is too old to be commented.