Driveclub | New Sprint Tracks: Nilgiri Hills & Taapaca

Evolution writes:
Starting from today we're going to bring you new Sprint mode tracks for free every week until Christmas! Nilgiri Hills in India and Taapaca in Chile are here first, go play them now!

We're also working on a big DRIVECLUB update for next month and Custom lobbies for Multiplayer to launch around the same time, so keep sharing your feedback about the game with us here.

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greenmiker2140d ago

I am wondering what this big update will be, I can't wait!

Imortus_san2140d ago

This looks really bad, the sound is so off with the cars behavior it gives me the creeps.

Spotie2140d ago

I'm sorry, what? You must have been watching a different video.

IamTylerDurden12140d ago

Are you kidding? That looked GORGEOUS, truly impressive.

Driveclub keeps on giving, it's crazy.

Jamaicangmr2140d ago

Maybe you need to update your flash on whatever browser you're using. However if thats not it seek professional help somethings happening with your eyes and ears and it could be serious.

IamTylerDurden12140d ago

I have never seen a game as well supported as Driveclub, if you bought DC you certainly got your money's worth.

The tracks look amazing.