AceGamez Review: NYKO PS2 Wireless Controller

AceGamez: " Nyko's Zero wireless controller for PS2 is an interesting product. The design is very angled and jagged, with very little round areas on the controller. It has the same layout and structure of the standard PS2 controller, with grips that are a bit longer and easier to hold for the bigger palms out there. The face of the controller comes in white and black - with the rest being entirely black - and has numerous screws right there on the surface. It's safe to say that Nyko were going for a cold and industrial approach with the design of the controller, and in that regard they've succeeded, although this is far from the best looking controller I've seen.

It's also far from the best controller I've put my hands around; initially it feels very odd, although it eventually grows on you, but the triggers feel pretty poor, with the R1 and L1 buttons simply clicking down quickly with no in-between. The R2 and L2 triggers work as triggers should, but the gap between not pressed and fully pressed is still very small."

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