Just Cause 3 Land, Sea And Air Expansion Pass Sneaks Out

They seem to have snuck it out on Steam without telling anyone, which is very un-Rico-like, but Just Cause 3 will be getting a season pass. It goes by the name of the Air , Land & Sea Expansion Pass, featuring three batches of downloadable content themed around the three methods of travel.

Just Cause 3’s Air, Land & Sea expansions will once more be set on the Mediterranean island of Medici, but packing in “game-changing explosive experiences” including additional missions, enemy types, gadgets, vehicles and weapons that Avalanche reckon will transform its world.

Elsewhere the DLC comes with exclusive Flame Wingsuit and Parachute Skins, “which no fan will want to miss”, apparently.

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Meltic1130d ago

Seems like there is a huge amount of people hating on this XL DLC on steam forums. What do you guys Think. Is it overpriced ?

Anthotis1130d ago

I reckon people are getting tired of these cut content passes. Especially after the standards set by Witcher 3.

deadpoolio3161130d ago

There are just as many people getting sick of the whining that everything is cut content...These armchair developers need to actually learn how game development works before swearing that anything and everything is cut content...YES there are SOME cases where its probably true, but definitely not every time, and in reality IF a game has been certified(which takes months) you don't get to just keep adding content to the certified game...

Hoffmann1130d ago

Back when we got complete games....

tinynuggins1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

The game would have been complete had they not offered it. I personally don't buy dlc but if you enjoy it, go for it. That's why it's optional.

DanteVFenris6661130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

Back when games could be made by 4 people...

While I'm not awarding them. The dlc is adding an invincible budget increase. Games cost more yet cost the same why? Because dlc. So because others are willing to pay for it your title doesn't cost 80 americain and instead 60 americain.

SaveFerris1130d ago

I'm interested in this game, but I can afford to wait until the inevitable GOTY edition. I'll likely do the same with Deus EX: Mankind Divided.

WeAreLegion1130d ago

I'll probably hold off on DLC. Still excited for the game! I just wish they would include that stuff. Skins for the parachute? No. Stop that.

crazychris41241130d ago

Getting the game day 1 but I'm gonna pick up this DLC when it has a major sale.

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