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Neil writes "If you’re looking for a joyous open world romp through beautiful wide countryside as you take in the wonders of nature, watching butterflies fluttering amid the glorious calls of song birds, then maybe it’s best you don’t hedge your bets on Mad Max."

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oKidUKo2145d ago

Seems much better than I anticipated when the game was originally announced.

seanpitt232145d ago

It's an awesome game played about 20 hours and still loads more to do an easy 8.5/10 for me. Enjoying this game way more than mgs5

2145d ago
Scrivlar2145d ago

I find it so underwhelming and repetitive and boringly easy. But I can't seem to stop playing it haha. It's a pretty average game but it's really cool being Max and the sound of that engine revving up when you start the magnum opus is a beast

nowitzki20042144d ago

Collecting scraps and seeing what ur car can become is really fun.

nowitzki20042144d ago

Been playing it, love it so far. Having more fun with it than MGSV. Its a better short term option than MGSV but long term MGSV is the far better game.

The biggest complaint I see is that its SOM with cars....... I don't remember disliking SOM as a matter of fact I remember SOM being amazing.. No one was complaining that SOM was too much like Assassins Creed/Batman though.

Unyoked2145d ago

This game is actually quite good