Ignore the haters. Try The Order: 1886 for yourself at this price

Dealspwn: It's a shame when you look forward to a game for ages and then the reviews land and you have to scramble to cancel your preorder. But the cheaper this game gets, the more it looks like it may be worth seeing for yourself. You should be able to get most of your money back on eBay if you want to get rid afterwards. This is comfortably the best price I've seen for a new copy. There's certainly some scope for a decent sequel, as I discussed in another article.

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Brisco1157d ago

Haters? I would rent it not buy it. It's not worth it.

ninsigma1157d ago

Maybe not to you but I paid full price and thought it was worth it (collectors edition original price wasn't worth it). Great and fun game regardless of whether you rent or buy. Hope there's a sequal because the world is awesome and there are a few things that needed improving on.

Cindy-rella1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

The game as been labeled as a game that is 5 hours long and the author here is spreading propaganda about the game being 5 hours long which is a big reason people didnt support it in the first place. Its encouraging that the writer thinks people should be supporting the order 1886. Ive played a lot of games that can be beaten in 5hours, 6 hours or around those times but i dont go around labeling a game by the time im able to finish it in. A games length is dependent on how skillful a player is or how fast one would be playing it.

I played the order 1886 and it took me more than 10 hours to finish it.on my second play through it took me over 9hours on harder difficulty. Some people may be able to finish it in a lesser time but gamers are different with different skills . Another thing i dont understand is people telling others how much a game is worth paying for. If a game is good enough to me i would pay the normal full retail price. Certain games i would never pay half price of full retail for but i cant tell what its worth to a fan of it.

AndrewLB1156d ago

There won't be a sequel. The game was a complete disaster for Sony.

ninsigma1156d ago


Lmao that is a freakin joke of an article! XD
There's nothing official there at all. They say that it averaged 65 on metacritic so it was a disaster....Yeah sounds legit to me. I thought it was a bit odd considering that it wasn't posted a million times around n4g and the name of the site is clearly a huge give away it's a load of nonsense. The icing on the cake was when I opened the site and it had a massive add for a game on the play store that opened up even though I clicked the x button. The ridiculousness was just cemented when I read it.

That was a pathetic attempt at trying to bring the game down, you didn't even try with that one.

Here's a real article with an actual interview with [email protected] quoted inside stating the game is well on the way to meeting sales expectations:

MysticStrummer1156d ago

It's funny that I don't see the same people bashing Mad Max defenders that I saw bashing defenders of this game. I guess those people are on vacation.

I bought it and didn't regret it either. Still have it. *shrug*

AndrewLB1155d ago

If it was such a great success, please explain why Sony parted was with RAD this past June? And why 60% of people who bought the game thought it was so bad that they didn't even bother completing it?


I never supported or criticized Mad Max. I had basically zero interest in that game. The first two movies were awesome, but went down hill ever since. And I have a thing against spending money on watching movie remakes since it's just hollywood being lazy. The same can be said about game developers who do the same.

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fermcr1157d ago

Was a OK game. Not worth full price.

UKmilitia1157d ago

each to there own.
i paid £34 for it on launch day and i loved it.
yeah it could of done a few things better but couldnt every game?

whats some of your favorite games?
or give me your top 10.

im not saying this is in my top 10 but would just like to know yours.

InTheLab1156d ago

What are the few things it could have done better?

Takwin1156d ago

To ***me*** (in MY opinion), this game was worth about $15-$20. It was ok and had some enjoyable parts, but was definitely too short, the werewolf quicktime combat was terrible. The graphics were tremendous but the story seemed only 1/2 done.

I have no idea why you would even mention "top 10" with this game. It wouldn't make my top 500.

It's a beautiful game that deserved around a 6.5-7 score to me.

UKmilitia1156d ago

i mentioned top 10 not as this game is anywhere near it but just to understand someones gaming preferences.

done better i would say

*werewolf interactions
*better armory
*collectables with a meaning/use
*longer game

SniperControl1157d ago

Apart from being on the short side, i really enjoyed it, i did pay £35 for which due to the size is not worth it, but damn it is a fine game.

Blaze9291156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

The value of a dollar is different to everyone else but let's be real - this game was NOT worth $59.99 USD to own.

skratchy1156d ago

You do realize that Mario was new and over $60 at one time, right? How long does it it take to beat those first few games again? Less than 30 minutes? Don't be elitist, it's just not your type of game. Length isn't the only thing that matters to some people.

Blaze9291156d ago

@skratchy when did I say anything about length?

Irishguy951156d ago

Apart from being on the short side, it was below average in all areas aside from presentation

skratchy1156d ago

Why does length matter to people all of the sudden?

Oh I guess Mario, Street Fighter, Zelda etc etc...hell MOST NES and SNES games must not have been worth it, huh? This logic is dumb. It's just a different type of game. Any multiplayer online ONLY game isn't worth it to me, personally. Listening to a bunch of kids screaming and swearing and tea bagging each other? So much fun.

FN4GM1156d ago

@ Brisco

That could be said of a lot of games, the same games in fact people mindlessly drop 60 dollars on yearly.

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Toiletsteak1157d ago

I actually enjoyed this game, i went in expecting it to be really bad though but i was surprised and thought it was a fun game.

generic-user-name1157d ago

I played it from start to finish and couldn't understand all the low scoring reviews, it's no GOTY, but it's a good game. 7/10 for me.

Takwin1156d ago

7 out of 10 is a fair score for an fun but flawed game. I'd maybe give it a 6.5, but I think we judged it similarly.

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ZaWarudo1157d ago

Nah, waiting until it's in the $10 bargain bin.

Agent_00_Revan1157d ago

I picked it up over a month ago for $15 @ Best Buy. I finally started playing it the other night. I'm maybe an hour in, and I'm pretty bored.

I generally love shooters, especially 3rd person. But it's so hands off, at least so far, cutscene after cutscene.

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DEEBO1156d ago

But we love this type of gameplay/s

Metal gear is getting called out for not enough cutscenes and too open.


Rimeskeem1156d ago

It's a very patient game. When it does put you in control it is enjoyable imo

FunkyGoron1157d ago

I would recommend this as a game to rent/buy/play for anyone owning or wanting a PS4. It's a good experience while it lasts. The world lends itself to multiple titles and the ending leaves it open to sequels.

They need an "armory" option that actually works because there were cool guns and cool enemies and varying encounters... they just needed a lot more of them for some people.

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