Blow In My Cartridge - Tearaway Unfolded PlayStation 4 Review

Originally released for the PS Vita, Tearaway was a new IP developed by Media Molecule instead of continuing with their Little Big Planet franchise, the reins of which were passed to Sumo Digital for the third instalment

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IamTylerDurden12150d ago

Fantastic game, it looks so good at 60fps and all the additions make it feel so fresh. A joy to play.

If you own a PS4 you need to buy this game, there is no excuse to miss it twice.

bouzebbal2150d ago

i didn't miss it first time, and i didn't miss it a second time either.. we need to encourage publishers and developers to give us more of these.
I prioritized Until Dawn and Tearaway over MGSV just due to this.

IamTylerDurden12150d ago

I double dipped also, but too many people are passing it by.

parentsbasement2150d ago

Its in my Gamefly Q so I'm gona love it when it gets here ....on a side note "blowinmycartridge" is a pretty damn good name for a gaming site , I may click on it for the name alone...

SmokingMonkey2150d ago

Amazing game, The Music is truly amazing.