Is Elgato preparing to release a new capture device?

Keith from The Outerhaven writes: As with all technology, eventually something will come along and replace the current standard, it never fails. It also never fails to happen right after you purchase that same piece of technology, sadly. Cause in point is news that Elgato is prepping to release a new capture device. Hinted over that Facebook page, Elgato posted the message “Bigger, Better, Faster, Strong. T-1 day #ElgatoNext”, along with the following image.

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crazychris41241131d ago

Should be 1440p or 4k since they already make a 1080p60fps device

Adexus1131d ago

What use would that be with consoles though?

crazychris41241131d ago

Very little but why make another 1080p60fps device? Only thing that I can think of is giving you the option for PC free.

Adexus1131d ago

Yeah I'm not sure what else they could do with it, also you can already get it to work with PC with a bit of tinkering around with audio settings.

crazychris41241131d ago

PC free means you dont have to be connected to a PC or laptop in order to record gameplay. It saves onto an SD card instead of your hard drive like the Avermedia LGP. Class 10 SD cards with 64 GB and up are reasonably priced. 128 GB is $60 on Amazon and Im sure if Elgato were to go PC free they could partner up with a company to give you a discount on the SD card.

crazychris41241131d ago

Just looked at their facebook page and they went the opposite of PC free. Its called the HD60 Pro and its a capture card that has to be installed in your computer. They say it offers super low latency for streaming.

Echo4191130d ago

My Avermedia Extremecap allows me to play straight off my PC with no delay (I actually bought it to use my laptop as a monitor) which they are probably going to mimic with the next elagato.

Saranya1130d ago

I already have Elgato HD60 and i love it.