GiN Interview: Nolan Bushnell

GiN: "Nolan Bushnell has been in the computer games industry since it was an industry. He is sometimes referred to as one of its founding fathers. Perhaps his most celebrated accomplishment was creating Atari, but many people don't know that he has also been into restaurants as well, and founded the well-known Chuck E. Cheese chain.

So combining a new restaurant chain with computer games might seem like a natural fit. But this is not the standard arcade with food model. The new uWink restaurants – starting up in California and then expanding across the country – are designed to be an extension of a person's digital life. All ordering is done via terminals at each table, and you can challenge other tables to games of skill, like trivia. Combine that with a festive atmosphere filled with DLP projectors all around, and you should have a unique dining experience for a few people or a big group of friends.

We asked Bushnell to dish about the new place, and to give us a sample of what treats visitors can expect when they shuffle into a shiny new uWink."

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