Who Plays The Watchmen?

GiN Reports: "Admittedly, Warner Bros, the publisher behind the Watchmen game, has announced a new approach to the whole game-of-a-movie-of-a-comic project. Rather than rushing out a sub-par game, it has decided to go episodic. Forgive me if my eyes begin to glaze and roll back into my head, but so far, I've yet to get any joy from the episodic arena.

I tried Sam and Max, but not to be disheartened I tried Penny Arcade. So, I think I'm fair in saying, beware friends (they don't have to be Greek) bearing gifts, especially if they're packaged as episodic games.

Danish outfit, Deadline games is producing the first two episodic games based on Moore's seminal comic – or should I say, based on the movie, based on said comic (two entirely different things). According to an interview with Variety, Warner Bros' development chief, said, "What we're trying to do with Watchmen is create the best quality game that delivers the experience fans expect from what we believe to be a great movie and a great property."

Translated: "Cha-ching!"

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