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Some areas need work, sure, but PES 2016 still manages to play an incredibly enjoyable game of football. The improved Master League mode is a godsend, adding substance to the package and complementing the excellent gameplay. With the advanced collision system, Konami has done in a year what EA has been trying to perfect since FIFA 12. The added physicality and increased number of animations has done wonders for the gameplay. The introduction of an excellent edit mode (see ‘edit it up’ for more details) to the PS4 version even makes the usual lack of licenses a relative non-issue. Only the drop in gameplay visuals and lack of AI fouls really trouble its relentless march towards greatness.

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SniperControl2140d ago

There are alot of "Still behind FIFA" in the review.

iistuii2140d ago

Well done reviewer for spotting the biggest flaw in the gameplay, just like last years game. When you go through a complete season without getting fouled it's hardly a realistic feeling game. I enjoy knocking the ball around in the demo, but like last year it feels like a training match with the AI not even sticking a leg in.

bmky2140d ago

Why u posting the same thing everywhere. If you don't like it don't buy it. Chillex bro.

iistuii2140d ago

Because I want them to sort it. I do like it that's the trouble. Been on their forums & hopefully if more people who play it sit & think hey there's no fouls & complain then they may actually do something about it. I am chilled, it's just so bloody annoying that reviewers pick up on it yet think it's fine & give it a 9. It's broken I'd it's not got AI fouls, that's my problem.

iceman062139d ago

You may be right about not getting fouls CALLED, but this game is so much more physical than last year it's ridiculous. So, the idea that the AI doesn't stick a leg in is negated.
As I have said, I have been fouled. Actually, on my second game I was fouled right outside of the box. I understand that it doesn't happen as often as you or I would like. However, that doesn't negate how great the game plays. It's like saying that because FIFA didn't have hand balls for years it was a horrible game. It wasn't. It was just lacking a feature.

totalrecoilzz2140d ago

GOT THE GAME YESTERDAY and oh boy is it good..never had so much fun playing a footy game..i wont bother with fifa again if pes can keep this footy game ever made for me!!

Baka-akaB2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

That Pes is more agreeable to play isnt a surprise , rarely was , and it's even more obvious with the 2015 version ... what worries me as usual is the online .

Konami hasnt released a single one PES with good and stable online yet , and while the competition makes you deal with tedious and not always stable Origin autologging for all modes , when it does work it works fine . PES never got close to that , and obviously none of the reviews can address that part ...

And yeah i get that some will says who cares , just play it offline . Well i don't have the luxury like i used to in the past to always find people to play locally with . So i'm rather focused on manager modes and online , if i bother getting a football game .