Top 10 iPhone, iPad and Android Games of August 2015

Games Reviewer listed the top 10 iPhone, iPad and Android Games released last August 2015. Different titles in various genres from the App Store and Play Store were chosen.

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"Horizon Chase" has just kicked-off its 7th-anniversary festivities

"It has been 7 years since we at AQUIRIS decided to press the release button on the very first version of "Horizon Chase". What started in the Christmas of 2014 as “Project Retroracers”, our little homage to our all-time favorite 80s and 90s retro racers, particularly Top Gear, ended up growing into a huge project that has become a modern classic in the arcade racing genre across PC, consoles and mobile!

With more than 80 Million downloads and plenty of new updates along these years, we had to prepare something truly special in order to celebrate this 7th anniversary. For that, we created a brand new game mode called Adventures, freely available from today on PC and consoles." - AQUIRIS.


“Horizon Chase” has just released its "Golden Japan" DLC for mobile

"The Porto Alegre-based (Brazil) indie games developer AQUIRIS today announced with great delight and excitement that they have just released the "Golden Japan" DLC for their retro-like arcade racing game “Horizon Chase” (the "Golden Japan" DLC is available right now for iOS and Android devices)." - Jonas Ek, TGG.


“Horizon Chase” has just released its “Senna Forever” expansion for PC, mobile, and consoles

Press release: “Horizon Chase”, the thrilling racing game inspired by ‘90s classic arcade titles and developed by Brazilian studio AQUIRIS, delivers an emotional race down memory lane w…

ProjectVulcan764d ago

I vividly remember playing Continental Circus by Taito in the arcade. The in game car was the Lotus 99T driven by Senna. Watching the visuals and style of F1 cars in this game brings back all the memories. Good times.

TGG_overlord763d ago

Thanks for sharing :3 And I'm glad to hear it ;) I spent a lot of my free time in the arcades in the early 90s as a kid (I spent a lot of coins on arcade games such as "Mortal Kombat", "Rampage", "SEGA Rally", and "Shinobi ").