Super Mario Maker Grabs Top and Metal Gear Solid V Slides in Major Japanese Retailer’s Sales Chart

Like every week, the major Japanese retailer Tsutaya is the first to give us a glimpse on sales in the Japanese market with its own chart. This week we see the debut of Super Mario Maker and the second week performance of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

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keegamer801130d ago

I am in love with Super Mario Maker!

marloc_x1130d ago

When will Super Mario Maker slide to seventh?


FallenAngel19841130d ago

Some important things to note

- MGSV taking four slot its hilarious.
- Splatoon still got some serious sales legs.
- 2D Mario games usually sell a lot better than 3D Mario games.
- Dragon Quest is a beast as usual, even for a remake.

Trolltroll1130d ago

Also important note this is only two days sales for Mario maker.

Knushwood Butt1130d ago

MM released on Thursday 10th. This chart covers through and including Sunday 13th.

Therefore, I disagree.

Neonridr1129d ago

@Knushwood - ok, so half a week then. I can't wait to see the numbers.

Knushwood Butt1130d ago

Until Dawn hanging in well considering the JP version has all of the gore cut.

Neonridr1129d ago

define "hanging in there", once you get down to positions #15 and above we are talking about like 1,000 units sold at best.

Yes, it's awesome that it's still charting, but let's be a little realistic.

Knushwood Butt1128d ago

Meaning, I'm amazed it hasn't disappeared from the charts considering the backlash about the censorship.

That OK for you?

StrayaKNT1129d ago

Great game. Absolutely loved playing it.

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