5 things Zombi did right in the survival horror genre

Greg of PC Gaming Enthusiast delivers five things he thought Zombi did right in the survival horror genre.

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AGVulture891764d ago

I agree! This game is really underrated. It brought some much needed innovation to the zombie genre.

sloth33951764d ago

it was better with the gamepad for the WiiU without it the game feels like it is missing something

LaWiiG1764d ago

I was the one that did the official review for my site. I'm also a huge console fan. I 100% agree with you. I mentioned that too. I wondered what it would have been like with just the controller, and after having that, felt it didn't complete the entire "ZombiU" picture.

AquarianKing1764d ago

Yeah I picked this up for my PC and I love it

LaWiiG1764d ago

I like it and dislike it for certain things. The Uplay aspect to it should make like Amelia Earhart and disappear.

Tzuno1764d ago

I agree this game is scary as hell, you have that survival instinct on and always tensioned but the end sucked.

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