Metal Gear Solid: Ranking The Series From Worst To Best


It’s all over. Finally, after a 28 year stint that’s seen more intersecting and overlapping plotlines than the LOST writing room waste paper basket, creator Hideo Kojima has put out his last instalment in the legendary Metal Gear Solid on September 1st, 2015.

The Phantom Pain has seen mostly positive reviews thanks to some of the finest gameplay the franchise has seen yet, but a number of behind-the-scenes issues sadly plague its retail state, stemming from a huge amount of corporate interference from Konami when it came to crunching deadlines in various ways to get the game on shelves.

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DarkOcelet2140d ago

Nothing beats MGS3. The Boss seriously needs her own game. She is the greatest female character in gaming history.

Irishguy952140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

I had to think about that for a second.

Literally 1 second I mean. The boss is the boss of female characters in history.

BiggCMan2140d ago

The Boss is indeed one of the most incredibly well thought out characters I've ever seen, male or female doesn't even matter. But the fight itself was not all that great (in my opinion people, remember) only the cutscene that ended it when you were forced to pull the trigger. THAT is the moment that mattered, and set the course for Big Boss's actions for the rest of the series.

MGS4 is a better game than 3 in my opinion. MGS3 is fantastic of course, the entire series is. But 3 is a slower moving game in my eyes and it makes it hard to play many times over. MGS4 is the ending to all of that amazing history that the series has, and it does it in such a way that just feels perfect.

As for Phantom Pain. It's very scattered in the story, I don't really understand why it is. I wanted it to be the most perfect game ever created, and in gameplay it's pretty damn close. But the story is so scattered. Split into 2 chapters that are completely different from each other, even though they are good by themselves. I loved the final ending, but the story over all was just so unreliant on the rest of the series that it made it less emotional than I wanted it to be. Still a masterpiece of a game like all of them are, but an odd masterpiece.