Mad Max Review: VGFirst

Excerpt from the review:

"After blockbuster film Mad Max hit cinemas this year, the attention of Mad Max fans eagerly turned to the upcoming game. The movie took everyone by surprise, reinventing Max’s dark and gritty universe with stellar cinematography that was with some of the best action sequences to ever hit the silver screen. Unfortunately, although not a direct adaptation of the film, Mad Max from Avalanche Studios doesn’t quite have the same impact as the blockbuster hit, providing an enjoyable, yet largely forgettable experience."

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I personally am loving Mad Max. I don't know why it keeps on getting low scores. I think it is a very fun game to play. It was worth every penny I paid and I would give it at least a 7.5 or 8 of 10.

TheSaint1158d ago

Apparently it gets a little repetitive, that seems to be the reason for lower scores.

gedapeleda1158d ago

That didn't bother MGSV reviewers at all. But we all know reviews aren't to be trusted anymore.

bradfh1158d ago

I found that game was buggy and should of fix before release. had bug on mission "The Jack" that I had to get a workaround online to fix. also when I was playing the game sometimes sound drops out or minimap / combo points disappear from screen on PS4.

LifeInNZ1158d ago

The film was hardly a blockbuster and after seeing it I understand why. Superb art direction, costumes and make-up let down by a truly rubbish story and characters so void of depth its doubtful they'd cast a shadow. Its the first Mad Max movie I have been unable to watch more than once.

As for the game, looks ok but nothing special. I'm still playing through Witcher III and with Fallout 4 just round the corner I simply don't have time to play "ok" games of this nature.

eklektic1158d ago

Lol so you watched beyond the goonies thunderdome more then once lmao. That was the worst movie out of all of them by far. Hell it wasn't even supposed to be a mad max movie. It went from 1 and 2 witch were adult movies. To a family movie with a goonies vibe to it i thought beyond thunderdome was bad. Fury road was great! This game is great to if your into cars and exploring a wasteland. I have about 48 hours in and still have plenty to do and find.

LifeInNZ1158d ago

Yes Thunderdome was bad but Mel Gibson, before he went nuts, had more screen presence as Mad Max than Tom Hardy.

WeAreLegion1158d ago

1) Fury Road had an excellent story with the best world building we've seen in years and managed to squeeze several backstories into a film with little dialogue. If you needed more story, you weren't paying attention.

2) This game is pure fun. Try it.

objdadon1158d ago

Lmao! What?????? The movie got perfect scores damn near everywhere! It was a epic full throttle thrill ride! The game is fun and it has nothing to do with the movie.

LifeInNZ1158d ago

Perfect scores does not means its a blockbuster....the fact it did not do big business means its one of those movies that appealed to few people.

urwifeminder1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

I agree was a big fan of the first two movies Fury road is Thunderdome 2 just awful , made me loose interest in the whole thing including the game.

objdadon1158d ago

First two movies will always be my favorites but there is no action movie within the last two years that can even complete with fury road. They put a decent budget behind George miller's mind and what came out was a masterpiece of high octane action! Grabbing you and never letting go.

fsdgf1157d ago

Most Mad Max fans I've been seeing are rating it equal to or just behind Road Warrior, you're honestly in the minority if you think it was bad and managed to watch Thunderdome in full once, let alone multiple times

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objdadon1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

LifeinNZ are you confused? The damn movie made over 300 million in just 4 weeks GTFOH!! Not a blockbuster???? Mad max is meant to have a cult following, yet it kicked ass world wide. Best damn action movie in the last decade if you ask me. It was like a roller coaster that started at the top of a high hill and dropped for two plus hours gaining more and more speed as your adrenaline went through the roof. I had to work out after watching it because I was so amped up lol.