Evil Avatar: NCAA Football 09 Review

Evil Avatar writes: "Sports games are always hard to review simply because there is a subsection of gamers out there that are heavy simulation players and any small problem or number of roblems is like a nuclear bomb blowing up. These games probably aren't as hard to review here at Evil Avatar simply because I don't get the sense that sports games are held near and dear to many of our members. With the new version of EA's college game, NCAA Football 09 there are several things they did right, but a growing list of broken things and oddities will set off several nuclear bombs in the hardcore simulators."

The Good

* The graphics are easily better than last year
* No more stutters in-between plays
* It plays a good game of football despite problems
* Online Dynasty (once saving update is done, maybe today)

The Bad

* Campus Legend too much like last year
* Defensive line problems are frustrating if you play that exclusively
* Linebacker lack of speed really hurts coverage and tackle angles
* No environmental graphics as game goes on during rain or snow
* A myriad of other problems various people have picked up on

The Ugly

* When the uprising begins in forums when people start to see problems in these game

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