Dekavita 7, a Contraption Transforming the PS Vita TV Into a “Giant” Portable, Sells Out in Japan

Dekavita means “Giant Vita” in Japanese, and the Dekavita 7 by the Japanese manufacturer GameTech does pretty much what it says on the tin. It turns the small PS Vita TV (or PlayStation TV, as Sony renamed it) into a giant portable console with a seven inch screen.

You’d think something like this wouldn’t sell. After all, who would like to turn a non-portable console into a portable as big as a Wii U gamepad?

And you’d be wrong.

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Abriael1133d ago

I'm kinda tempted, but it's pretty costly.

NewMonday1133d ago

Sony should take the hint and make a 6.4' PSVita

kayoss1132d ago

Those clickable analog sticks though!!! This will make playing all PS4 game much easier and better via Remote play.

Aenea1132d ago

Rather useless since many games if not most just don't work on the PS TV...

AndrewLB1132d ago

The thing is, most games in Japan do actually work on PSTV. The problem is Sony isn't updating and white-listing these games to work on non-Japanese PSTV's. There's a big thread about this on Xseed's forum explaining what they're dealing with in regards to Ys: Celceta not playing on US PSTV's.

DiscoKid1132d ago

Soooo the Vita wouldn't sell because it was too small? 0-o

extermin8or1132d ago

Who would have thought.... Lol

miyamoto1132d ago

actually yes. in an age where 7" to 12.2" screen sizes are the norm 5" just don't cut it anymore

WitWolfy1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

Money is not an object for me. Hope they start mass production soon! I've been hoping for something like this FOR YEARS!

MMOBytes1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

Compatibility issues? being that it is still a VitaTV.