Now Loading…Apple TV Assaulting Consoles?! Do You Even Want It To?

The PlayStation LifeStyle crew weigh in on what they think of the Apple TV as a gaming device.

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acharlez2148d ago

Sure. More competition is only a good thing.

Spotie2148d ago

That's a common- and annoying- misconception.

And sorry, but this thing isn't competition, anyway. At BEST, it'll have dumbed down versions of the games people want to play on consoles; what exclusives will it have to draw people in, instead? Its bread and butter titles will be available on every other device out there, and half those can connect to your TV already, so what would make this special?

Can't really see how this is supposed to be a challenge to consoles. Can't see it at all, honestly.

Wedge192148d ago

Assaulting is a strong word. Unless you think that poking it gently with a stick is an assault. These types of things will never break into the console market.

KwietStorm_BLM2148d ago

Jesus you guys sure love assaulting us with these apple articles. Actual game consoles have not a thing to worry about. We all know this. Stop flooding the media with this silliness.

knifefight2147d ago

More like a-salting, am I right?

(I am probably not right.)

Summons752148d ago

This won't even make the industry blink. Ouya, Amazon, and PS TV all tried the same thing and couldn't cut it and PSTV had a stronger edge coming in. Apple TV is just going to be glorified cell phone games on the TV which history shows is not what consumers want.

_LarZen_2148d ago

I think it could do for casual living room gaming what the iPhone/iPad did for casual mobile/tablet gaming.

It's of course not a direct competition to the XBO/PS4. For families looking for a cheap entertainment device it will without a doubt fulfill the need for many at a much lower price.

Why buy a PS4 for $300 when you can buy a AppleTV for $149 that can play all your iTunes songs and movies. And have the apps you use to watch movies,tv-series and video on demand AND can play cheap casual games for the kids?

I think allot of parents are going to skip picking up a PS4/XBO or even a WiiU over a AppleTV that both parents that are not interested in games can use. And the kids can play games on.

slapedurmomsace2148d ago

Parents are that stupid. You gotta remember the "parents" buying these things are the same people that gamed on a SNES and N64/PSX. They aren't uniformed anymore. Plus no kid is asking for an Apple TV for christmas. They want a PS4 or Xbox One. Hell my 12 yr old daughter wants a fire stick..not an Apple TV. As far as being able to play all your music with movies from apples app store, people can do that with an iPhone or iPad and a $40 apple cable, let alone cheaper 3rd party options. Or they can take the mac and hdmi to the TV. Parents just aren't as retarded as you assume here.

_LarZen_2148d ago

You write like a young person and not an adult or one with children would. So I don't really see the point in you posting or me actually taking my time to comment on this.

slapedurmomsace2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Well I am 32 with far as the way I write, if there are errors, it's due to replying on a cell phone. Didn't care enough to proof read. And if there was no point in replying to my comment than why did you? I can only assume it was an attempt to try to negate my initial counter argument with an asinine assertion that I write like a child therefore you're above conversatating with me, though you did anyway like a child trying to get the last word.
My point still stands. Parents save for Christmas so they can get what their children what they want. They don't just spend $150 on something assuming it's good enough.
Extra initial comment was suppose to say parents aren't stupid..which I'm now starting to assume you read that, just that, and commented.

KwietStorm_BLM2148d ago

So basically what you just told him is you don't care to actually respond to any of the points he made, so you're just going to cyber insult him instead. Good job.

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The story is too old to be commented.