Red Faction: Guerilla beta open on 360 for IGN Insider and FilePlanet subscribers

Joystiq writes: If yesterday's video extravaganza for THQ's upcoming shoot-'em-up Red Faction: Guerilla tickled your ludological fancy, then a tip we recently received might interest you. Apparently, the Guerilla multiplayer beta from which yesterday's footage was gleaned is now open for Xbox Live Gold subscribers through FilePlanet.

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darkequitus4315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

Got my key. Will try to Download now

Dark_Vendetta4315d ago

If someone got a key but doesn't have a Xbox360, please PM me :). Thx

socomnick4315d ago

Yea same here My beta key request did not go through :(

solidsnakus4315d ago

true, can someone please be kind enough to send a beta key my way?

poopsack4315d ago

thats my case but.. your a troll!

solidsnakus4315d ago

wtf? and yet your trolling around flamming me? im a troll cause i want to get into the beta? ...

poopsack4315d ago

no your not a troll cause your trying to get into the beta, you ARE a troll trying to get into the beta.

jokes, and the internet, they just dont mix like they used to.

Imallvol74315d ago

Lol, I am not subscribing to file planet just to get that beta.

RAM MAGNUMS4315d ago

I still haven't seen the dig dug style gameplay I'm used to on the geo engine?!
w'sup with everything ? Doesn't every property & matter have its own weight?
I really have my fingers crossed for red faction.
red faction has so much
potential since part 1. I was a teenager when I played red faction. I would go deathmatch
with my lil brother & we would shoot rockets into the ground to build tunnells for a alternative
exit & then improvise a sniper kill with the eraser gun! Ha ha
you could be anywhere on these tall maps! Awesome.
With the right know how of explosive placement red faction is SICK.
I'm expecting alot from volition but so far this new red faction is crumbling away.

Zerodin4315d ago

Well it IS still in beta. So there's hope they'll add what's missing.
I agree that Geo mod stuff was just amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.