Several DualShock 4 chargers get big discounts

Several DualShock 4 charging stations have received big discounts to as low as $13.77.

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arkard1129d ago

Have the PowerA charger. Works great, has a stand alone plug-in so you don't have to leave your ps4 on and doesn't take up a USB spot.

reallyNow1129d ago

The ps4 charges the controllers in rest mode. Not saying its not nice to have a dedicated charger(for me a dedicated charger just looks better), but you never had to leave your PS4 on to charge controllers.

arkard1129d ago

I know, but I consider leaving the ps4 in rest mode, on. The power consumption in rest mode can be rediculous.

reallyNow1129d ago

its like 16 watts WITH a controller plugged in.. My TV on the other hand, is ridiculous. 600+ watts in use. Thank science for solar.