Evil Avatar: Civilization Revolution Review

Evil Avatar writes: "For those of you dead set against playing anything that is toned down from the greatness that is Civilization IV and all the games before it in the series, you probably just want to stop reading this review. I'm not going to be able to change your mind and at least try this game, but before you go I will say that Civilization Revolution is probably at the absolute apex of what you can do when transferring a deep strategy game to the consoles. Firaxis has done a fantastic job transposing console controls onto the strategy genre and deftly moving the field of accessibility out enough to satisfy all but those who want microscopic micromanagement control over the game like you have in Civ IV. Those who are new to the series and are afraid of it being too above you, give it a try because the game will help you along the way if you want it. For those veterans of the series that have an open enough mind you will probably find enough to satisfy you here."

The Good

* The graphics are actually quite good for a strategy game
* Streamlined control system built around what consoles can do
* Faster overall game than the computer versions

The Bad

* Online players are not plentiful
* Initial Diplomacy and ongoing demands always come from another
* This game is not for you if Civ IV is your Bible and you won't
open your horizons

The Ugly

* The sad state of almost no one online to play with

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