Fallout 4 PS4 Expectations, Mods, DLC Info, PC Specs Will Come When Ready

Hines says he's been playing the game on the PS4 everyday for weeks.

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nX1129d ago

Right when I was sure to get this game for PC I hear that there might be mods for PS4. This is going to be a tough decision...

ZaWarudo1129d ago

Keep in mind that these console mods are going to be regulated, so don't expect to see every PC mod on consoles.

OverdosedWitDopeness1128d ago

Yeah I highly doubt consoles will get texture mods besides character skins

akurtz1129d ago

id honestly get it on pc, like what zawarudo said, youll have more freedom on pc. PLUS run it at a higher res/fps if you have the pc for it.

NeckBeardBSMTDweller1128d ago

Cant get 1440P on PS4. PC it is for me

ninsigma1129d ago

If mods is what you're looking for then I'd say go for PCs version. You want have as much on console as you will on pc. You'll also be able to push the looks of the game better on pc than you would console.

kingdom181129d ago

Also keep in mind many of the best mods change fundamental gameplay aspects of the game, many with scripts that can't be used on consoles. So still, PC will most certainly be the best place to mod the game. Though it will be nice to see what options they provide on consoles.

Jadenkorr0211129d ago

Consoles will not get mods that require a script extender. There's no way for that to happen. So really big mods that alter/change/extend the scripts won't be available on consoles.

Don't get me wrong I'm happy that consoles are starting to get some of the benefits that we PC players have had. But PC is still going to be the place if your really looking forward to any mod coming out. Especially the really big mods that drastically change things.

Transporter471129d ago

Actually, they said that there WILL be mods on PS4 since they announced the mod tools. The only reason it wasn't mention on stage was because it was during MS conference.

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ZaWarudo1129d ago

Good to hear that the PS4 development is going smoothly, the last thing i want is another Skyrim PS3 mess.

SlightlyRetarted1129d ago

I think all the problems the Bethesda GS games had on PS3 were due to the hard to code architecture of PS3. Now that the PS4 is more PC-like there should be no problems, except for those Bethesda trademark bugs.

Tsar4ever011129d ago

Just what I would said, but you beat me to it. As for the mods thing. Why the hell not? It's not as if Sony don't support mods for their games. Anybody here owns Unreal Tournament 3 for Ps3? Mad mod support!!!

SkippyPaccino1129d ago

If they f-up the PS4 version and the Xbox one version runs smoothly they obviously did it on purpose. I truly doubt any of that will happen and both version will be good.

Bigpappy1129d ago

I don't understand that way of thinking. Why the heck would a developer want to go though the trouble of building or porting a game to a console then screw it up on purpose? Does that really seem sensible to you? What is there to gain from that? If they hated Sony and it fans so much, would it be easier and cheaper to just not do the port?

SkippyPaccino1129d ago


When did I say they would? Did you read what I wrote? "I truly doubt any of that will happen and both version will be good"

I can understand peoples concern with Sony versions of Bethesda games from last generations. (fallout, oblivion, skyrim etc) I don't think it will be a problem this gen with the ps4 pc architecture.

Anyways I think you jumped the gun on my comment. Lol! Save your anger for someone else.

LamerTamer1129d ago


Well they could be aiming for total parity to keep MS happy and then miss the mark like what happened with Mad Max. MM actually runs better on the xbone even though the GPU is weaker. The same thing could happen here if their target platform is xbone.

Eonjay1129d ago

There will be DLC and a seson pass and thats fine. This is in such stark contrast to the idea that ND would do an Uncharted 4 DLC... where everyone acts like its the end of the world. But hypocrisy aside, I think this game will be just fine on PC with modestly decent specs.

kingdom181129d ago

Could you please define modestly decent specs? I have an i7 860 @ 2.83 Ghz and a GTX 750 SC, I hope to be able to run it as I have always enjoyed Fallout and ES games so much more on PC when I have had the chance to mod it.

akurtz1129d ago

this just makes me more excited and calm knowing the PS4 version is going along great. really happy with the mod confirmation.

FallenAngel19841129d ago

Makes sense since Sony is no stranger to mod support on their consoles

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