Atelier Sophie for PS4, PS3 & PS Vita Gets Lots of 1080p Screenshots Showing Alchemy and Expressions

Today Gust and Koei Tecmo released a large batch of screenshots of Atelier Sophie: Alchemist of the Mysterious Book, that will release in Japan on November 19th.

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akiraburn1134d ago

This looks pretty impressive. There seems to be a very drastic difference with prior Atelier titles in terms of scale. It seems like there's more to do with alchemy, and from prior screens that were shown it seems that there's a larger world to explore. Visually, this is definitely the nicest looking one so far as well. I wonder how long it will take for them to announce localization.

For anyone who hasn't tried this series before for one reason or another, it's a surprisingly fun time. Going into the series, you can expect classic turn-based JRPG combat, a full leveling and equipment system, deep crafting and alchemy systems (both for use-able items and equipment), and a light-hearted story with a decent amount of comedy. I was a skeptic myself, but after actually sitting down and playing through it, I must admit that it's a solid title with fun and addictive gameplay.

Heyxyz1134d ago

Yeah, the story is why I play. It just has so many awesome moments that even if the game sucked I'd continue playing just to see what would happen.

akiraburn1134d ago

Definitely. I have yet to start the Alchemist of Dusk trilogy, but I played through the prior trilogy (Arland), and they were genuinely fun games.

I think that it could be the "cutesy" kind of look that throws a lot of people off from trying it out, but aside from the general art style I typically haven't see any of that content in the games. More commonly, there's a mixture of ridiculous situations, slapstick, and even off-color raunchy humor. And working off of what you said regarding the gameplay itself, it has a very robust and well developed series of mechanics for each facet of the game.

And for people who really want a challenge, the late game stuff is especially hardcore stuff. The Makina/Machina Domain stuff at the end of the Arland trilogy was some of the hardest planning you need to do for equipment and fight strategy.

rainslacker1134d ago

I'm hoping for a more robust alchemy system. Last one was good, but got old after 6 games. I couldn't really get into the dusk series for some reason, but the Arland one was excellent...except the 3rd which I found boring.

I wouldn't mind a bit of a deeper battle system to be honest, but these games are generally a lot of fun with lots to do.

Sly-Lupin1134d ago

It's also filled with all manner of otaku-pandering moe cliches. What turns people off these games ain't the gameplay, it's the tropes.

DualWielding1134d ago

don't know about that, at least in my case what puts me off is the excessive focus on item crafting, I don't normally enjoying grinding for parts on other JRPG's so don't think I will enjoy a game based solely around that

rainslacker1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

I think it's more likely the game play. It's whole game play is based on grinding, then crafting, which in itself is a grind. There is also the time element which means you can't just take your time and do stuff, or it feels that way. I had a hard time getting into it back on the PS2 because of the game play, but gave it another chance on the PS3, and it became a series I generally enjoy.

There is nothing wrong with the stories, and the otaku pandering cliche's are there because this game is targeted for the otaku's.

Going by what you say, I can say I'm turned off of any game that features heavily muscled space marines with ridiculously over-sized and impractical weapons because I don't find that "cool", yet those things take a back seat to solid game play.

akiraburn1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

I think there are some tones of the game that they could lighten up on, but I don't know if that or grinding is really what puts people off. I'm not an otaku by any means, and I've really enjoyed the series.

I'm actually surprised that you guys thought it was a bit grind-heavy though. I tend to get very bored of grind-heavy games and that's actually the reason I stopped playing Warframe entirely. So that's something I wasn't really expecting to hear.

Again, I'm not positive about the Dusk series, but for me I really didn't spend any time grinding that I can think of in the Arland series, at least not until New Game Plus. Even after hitting level 99, it was mostly just planning and preparation to ensure I was going to craft the best gear and useables. Some of that is a bit difficult and time consuming to plan out, especially with the time restraints, but I found the challenge fun. And the majority of the time I was still progressing to new areas, fighting different enemies, and progressing the story. And for New Game Plus, you have all the best gear already set, so you can mostly just power-through and see different scenarios that you didn't have the in-game time for before.

I do think that that Sly-Lupin has a bit of a point, but I don't know if I would agree with his whole statement. First impressions are everything, and I think that could be one of the things that the series might need to improve upon. Like I had mentioned in my other post, I think that it simply could be that "cutesy" moe look that a number of the games in the series have is what turns some people off. I couldn't say with certainty, but that would be my best guess.

Magicite1134d ago

I love that Gust and Bamco keeps on making JRPGs nonstop, at least I can rely on them.

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