Ten Games that need to come back

Mick Fraser: "Reboots happen. It has become the norm in a frighteningly short span of years. If we’re not getting “definitive editions” of year-old games, we’re getting re-skinned re-releases of decades-old titles, or, on occasion, complete remakes. But while we’re enjoying the new-look Lara Croft, the improved visuals of The Last of Us on PS4, and feeling the hype of a reinvigorated Doom or King’s Quest, there are some titles developers just ignore completely. There may be reasons, but we don’t care about those. We know what we want and we want it now, dammit. Here are ten games that really, really need a re-up."

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Relientk771129d ago

Legend of Dragoon 2
Crash Bandicoot
Spyro the Dragon
Skies of Arcadia 2
Grandia 4
Timesplitters 4
Syphon Filter
Silent Bomber
Tiny Tank
Tactics Ogre
Medal of Honor (World War II)
Brave Fencer Musashi
T'ai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger

tanukisuit1129d ago

*Continuation of the 'Chrono' series, too.

bouzebbal1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

Crash is back and it's called Knack. Very nice action platformer!
I want a new Parasite Eve so bad!!!!

Roccetarius1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

That's the first time i've seen anyone ever mention Silent Bomber, other than me of course. Surely another game in that vein, today, can benefit greatly from current tools.

I think the rights have been lost somewhere for the game.

TeamLeaptrade1129d ago

I'd love to see Tenchu come back. It's been such a long time since we've seen a sequel.

miyamoto1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

Uh oh, no, I sensing a Crash Bandicoot Remake announcement this coming PSX event?

AquarianKing1129d ago

Would love to play all of these on the best console

rekk1129d ago

you forgot..

*chrono cross
*legend of mana
*legend of legia

Germany71129d ago

T'ai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger, i miss that game!

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dougr1129d ago

I came here to post this, but not shitty ps3 socom 4 (confrontation was at least edible). Socom is the best shooter I have ever played still to this day and it isn't even close. No minimap telling people where the enemy was, no stupid kill streaks, lots of stealth, weapons that all felt different, maps that all felt different....I miss Socom 2 so much :(

DigitalRaptor1129d ago

I find it funny that Shenmue would normally be on a list like this, but now we're getting it. Shows that anything is possible.

Lucreto1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

I don't think Crash will translate well in this generation. What worked back then won't work now. He will end up in the same place as Sonic.

Suikoden is a must and I hope TGS this year will change that.

There is rumour of a Simon the Sorcerer Kickstarter in the works so that might come back soon.

N0TaB0T1129d ago

Yet other games demanding a return would, what excludes Crash exactly? I don't get this attitude.

Picnic1129d ago

I feel practically alone in this but Jet Set Radio Future 2.
(yes, more like the laid back difficulty of the Xbox game than the hard difficulty of the Dreamcast original.)

But I suppose that Sunset Overdrive is looked upon as the Jet Set Radio of this generation. Jet Set Radio sold 1 million on Dreamcast and sold substantially less on Xbox (despite being later bundled in to Xboxes- do they not count those?)

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