Battlefront: "Star Wars as a universe needs limitations"

Gamereactor caught up with DICE general manager Patrick Bach and talked with him about his studio's collaboration with LucasFilm on the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront.

"I think limitations is good and bad," Bach told us when we asked about working inside the confines of an established universe. "Star Wars as a universe needs limitations, because otherwise it would turn to mush, it won't be a defined universe. So that's why it's been so important to us to work together with LucasFilm on making sure that the nitty-gritty details, that we do them right."

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raggy-rocket2147d ago

I know it takes more money from us, but I'd rather they did 2/3 games to perfect the gameplay and include all the content (e.g space battles, galactic conquest) than force all these things and everything from battlefront 2 with huge player counts and all these modes and maps if it compromised the detail of the game and the quality of the gameplay. Give them a few years to get everything right, and Battlefront will be back to its old perfection. I'm grateful they're bringing back the series, and I'm grateful they're taking the time to do it right.

TheCommentator2147d ago

They are limiting what they're putting in the game in order to have some classic elements to reintroduce into sequels. How is that taking the time to get it right? Sounds more like capitalize on the namesake with a rushed out product full of more eyecandy than gameplay, then fix it in the sequel...

Star Wars: Battlefud 2, The Search For More Money

Hugos2146d ago

Hehehe Star Wars: Battlefud 2, The Search For More Money thaht a good one. In future they will [and knowing them they will] release DLC with many game modes, maps and super hyper weapons...and i forgot - skills packs will be too:):) But we will see what the future brings. One of the goodies that future brings its Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, which will be released in 2016. This FPS with open world will show player that he must put his skills to the limit and go to the destination and eleiminate the target. Lucky, he will have support of his toys and own special skills. Cant wait to play SWB and SGW3.