Drug usage and more content detailed for Fallout 4

The ESRB has revealed its rating summary for Fallout 4, detailing how drug usage will work in the RPG as well as other content.

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ColonelHugh1220d ago

Excellent. I was worried they'd tone it down after they said the world would be less bleak and more colorful.

Heyxyz1220d ago

Same here. I actually read an article somewhere saying Fallout 4 would be very toned down, so this is great news for me.

camel_toad1220d ago

Mmm need my Buffout fix.

Kalebninja1220d ago

I highly doubt it but i hope they add an option to turn off gore. I'm not a fan of it and before anyone says I'm crazy games like The Last of Us, Assassin's Creed and Sunset Overdrive had this option. SO even had a vulgarity option but i wouldn't expect them to go through the insane amount of dialogue just for that option.

StrawberryDiesel4201220d ago

Why would you want to turn off gore in a Fallout game? Makes no sense.

Kalebninja1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

you see that same ignorant attitude is all over the internet. it's -> MY<- preference, it has nothing to do with the game I'm playing and it makes perfect sense since it's something -> I <- don't enjoy.

N0TaB0T1220d ago

Just don't play it. Who cares?

That_Guy2u21220d ago

Its not an ignorant argument. Your preferences doesnt matter, the devs designed the game a certain why because they want you to experience it a certain way.

Kalebninja1220d ago

@ that_guy2u2 Its a large open world game, the way you experience it is up to you thats the whole point of open world games. In fact like i sad The Last of Us, which was tailored to be experienced a certain way, had this option and it did not, whatsoever, take away from the experience. Adding this option doesn't affect the way you experience the game it only allows players like me to enjoy it more. Other companies who clearly saw that have have added that option so yes it was an ignorant comment.

@NOTaBOT "Don't play it" You're clearly not a fan of the series if you would tell someone to straight up not play it. I want to play it, it looks interesting, but i want options and that isn't too much to ask for.

Jadenkorr0211220d ago

Your argument is flawed. If that was the case they wouldn't allow mods.

I don't know why people can't accept the fact other people have preferences that differ from their own.

JamesBroski1220d ago

You cannot have opinions here. It's a N4G sin that will make you lose bubbles.

Dan501220d ago

If the German version was cut you could have gotten that, but its uncut.

TheColbertinator1220d ago


Fallout is for adults however. The series is known for violence,drugs,sex and even child murder

Kalebninja1220d ago

So are the games I named. Once again I'll say each of those games have that option.

ColonelHugh1219d ago

They go beyond child murder too. Child cannibalism, child prostitution, and even child profanity

tmh35931219d ago

I mean it is rated M for mature so maybe children shouldn't play this game anyway.

Kalebninja1219d ago

Who's saying children are playing the game in the first place?

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annoyedgamer1220d ago

You have become addicted to Jet.

N0TaB0T1220d ago

*takes Fixer*

*screen blurs... Ttttthhhsss..... TTTTHHHSSSSSS....*

Randostar1220d ago

Literally heating up my nail as i read this lol.

MeliMel1219d ago

Hell yeah man.. Did one this morning before work..yay!

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