'Until Dawn' Shows Off The Dark Side Of Humanity

You know what’s great? When something shines a light on that inky well of despair that we call the human soul and exposes the horrible, rotten sickness that festers within. It’s not even Halloween and we’re treated to the true darkness of the human condition. The inescapable truth that deep down mankind is capable of severe atrocities. Thank you, Until Dawn. Thank you.

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miyamoto1131d ago

Playing Until Dawn felt like playing an RPG-a very unique and different RPG where you play a different roles throughout the entire game with only one goal-to have every one of your friends make it through the night alive.
You talk to people, you explore and search for leads, you fight, you fight bosses, etc. but they are all presented in a different way.

XboxOneX1131d ago

Yes I agree the game played a lot like a real nightmare.

Hats off to the game devs for making a game so realistic.

jb2271130d ago

Most definitely. Anyone who hasn't played this game should:

1. Not read this article or anything else from here on out because they are all going into spoiler territory.
2. Comb the environments for collectibles because they actually include cool story beats.
3. Be kind to animals.
4. Fight the instinct to run. Always hide. Can't stress this one enough, always choose to hide.

Great game for sure, I'm looking forward to fighting my instincts and playing the game in a completely different manner.

miyamoto1130d ago

"4. Fight the instinct to run. Always hide. Can't stress this one enough, always choose to hide. "

Many players know how the monsters behave but it still amazes me how many Let's Players players still choose to run.
LOL! Is that the true meaning of panic in a suspenseful game?

jb2271130d ago


Haha it has to be that for sure. Part of me always wanted to run at the beginning because I always thought characters were dumb in horror movies for hiding under the bed or whatnot because they always get found, better to just beat feet out of there. Then later on when I should've known better I still found it hard not to fight the instinct to run like a little baby. I do the same thing at haunted houses though so maybe I'm just a bit of a coward haha

Thatguy-3101131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

Loved how they tackled the psychological problem that Josh was going through. Rami Malek nailed the role in the second half of the game.

timmyp531131d ago

Big props to Peter Stormare for breaking the forth wall so damn perfectly as the analyst. Creepy @$$ performance nailed.

sactownlawyer9161131d ago

I agree Rami did an outstanding job. Whoever casted him, well done. On a side note he is also fantastic in mr. Robot, its a really good show, very well written.

Thatguy-3101131d ago

I honestly started watching it because I found out that he was the lead there. Like you said, amazing show and performances as well!

Aenea1131d ago

And there he's just as crazy! :)

jb2271130d ago

He's also pretty great in his small role in 24. I believe it was season 3 but I'm not entirely sure on that. May have been one of the first things he did but he was great even back then.

NukaCola1131d ago

Spoilers but i agree :|

TeamLeaptrade1131d ago

This game is dark for sure. I can't wait to re-play it and see how much of a change it is.