Can the new Apple TV succeed as a games machine?

Digital Foundry:
Overall, with the new Apple TV, we're firmly in micro-console territory, albeit with gaming as a component of the overall offering as opposed to its raison d'etre - in effect, it's an extension of the strategy that has served Apple so well in the smartphone and tablet markets. But our key concern about the device's fortunes is this: Apple proved the indispensable utility of its existing devices - to the point where one or more of them is usually within close personal proximity for most if not all of the day. By contrast, the jury's definitely still out on just how essential a $150 media streamer is, and to what extent we even need one when media playback is so ubiquitous across a vast range of existing devices we already own. Each component of the Apple TV will need to be extremely impressive to make an impact - and that includes the games.

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donthate1183d ago

It will!

I'm not a fan of it or Apple, but yes it will likely succeed at what it is aiming to be. Not what core gamers "think" it should be.

It is a casual gaming device, similar to an iPhone with a focus on being an app-center for your TV. Low cost games with a simple yet approachable experience.

sashimi1183d ago

with no controller in box...sure...

donthate1183d ago


The included remote double as a Wii like remote. Problem solved!

phallusitator1183d ago

I have to agree. It won't take off right away but the apps thing has potential. Think of a PSnow app with DS3 support... PS already said they had plans for a Now iOS app. What about a steam app?
People need to stop thinking this is just an iPhone or a games console. It's not.
I don't think anyone's going to buy one of these just for games. But games, TV, movies, Internet, call friends, order pizza by talking to your tv sounds pretty cool.
Give it 3 years.

Agent_00_Revan1183d ago

Exactly! Enough with these articles.

iTechHeads1183d ago

Why not?

It won't be competing with PS4/XB1 any time soon but in a few years once word of mouth gets out an there's enough apps and games on there, it will be an option for many.

jacksons981183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

If this was anyone but Apple it wouldn't even be in the news. This is more a competitor to OUYA than Playstation or Xbox.

_LarZen_1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

I think it could do for casual living room gaming what the iPhone/iPad did for casual mobile/tablet gaming.

It's of course not a direct competition to the XBO/PS4. For families looking for a cheap entertainment device it will without a doubt fulfill the need for many at a much lower price.

Why buy a PS4 for $300 when you can buy a AppleTV for $149 that can play all your iTunes songs and movies. And have the apps you use to watch movies,tv-series and video on demand AND can play cheap casual games for the kids?

I think allot of parents are going to skip picking up a PS4/XBO or even a WiiU over a AppleTV that both parents that are not interested in games can use. And the kids can play games on.e.

Trolltroll1183d ago

The difference being the drive people had to originally purchase an I phone was huge it had no almost competition in the smart phone market at the time. The install base was huge and it lead to many exclusive content deals and prioritized platform development. While they may "not be trying to compete" in the home console market, they acctually are. And the other companies have the lead and the Install bases. and the target customers most likely allready have a console, even last gen, that out performs and contains all features of the apple tv. When Apple leads and innovates they sell (ipod, ipad) when they are out of ideas and do nothing but copy the competition (iwatch, ipad mini, iphone 6+ and apple tv 1 and soon to be 2) they limit themselves to hardcore apple fans only.
Casual gamers are unlikely to spend 200 just to play the same games they can play anywhere else. Unless they are Apple Heads.

Trolltroll1183d ago

What kid is asking for a Apple tv cor xmas? I can imagine that hypothetical families holiday: "I know you like Mario and you have been wanting us to get a home console..."
Child furiously opening present
"...but mommy and daddy are to dumb to figure out how stream movies or play mp3 on any device without a fruit pictured on the outside. So we got a Apple tv!"
Stops unwrapping...
"Can I just have my DS back?"
"No, This is a gift for the Family so we can spend time together."
"Did I do somthing wrong? I can be a better son..."

Kids, Dont let parents buy gifts without sibling supervision or a detailed wish list. Because adults like LarZen are out there and are actively trying to ruin your xmas.

VerminSC1183d ago

I really didn't get the feeling that apple is trying to market this as a gaming device. It is just a nice streaming device, that happens to also play ios games...its not a big deal.

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