Totally360 Review: Double D Dodgeball

Totally 360 writes: "Here in Blighty, ex-school kids of a certain age will remember two rituals from school. One so horrific that it barely should be mentioned in polite company – the Barn Dance / Country Dancing classes. This terrible travesty forced upon the pimply faced youth of Britain seemed to happen all too frequently at my school, and I remember someone actually breaking their own thumb in woodwork classes just to get out of doing it.

The other ritual was British Bulldog. Usually this "sport" was reserved for the wettest, muddiest day of the year and during P.E lessons you lined up with the rest of the wheezy kids to face off against the school's meatheads, who were always chosen to be the catchers. Run as fast as you can, dodge their gouging thumbs and punching fists, and reach the other side of the school field. Sounds dead easy eh? I think I've still got the scars from one such P.E lesson where I was clothes-lined by one of the school bullies and knocked out cold."

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