How The Super Mario Bros. 2 Instruction Manual Influenced Me Artistically

I'm not sure of my exact age at the time, but toward the end of the '80s my dad moved a 13" television into my bedroom – and with it came our NES. Since he hadn't yet beat Super Mario Bros. 2 he'd hang out in my room every now and again trying to beat it. As much as I loved playing video games, I had no problem sitting back and watching someone else play. In fact, I genuinely enjoyed participating as a spectator. Not having to worry about jumping around and franticly avoiding enemies meant I could sit back and soak in the spectacle, which allowed me to closely analyze and observe the finer visual details. I found video game worlds so magical and fascinating, and Super Mario Bros. 2 was one of the weirdest and most visually compelling games I'd seen at that point in my life. It wasn't until Mr. Thomas Whitehead reached out to me about contributing to this series that I realized the lifelong impact that the (SPOILER ALERT) dream-induced world of Subcon had on me.

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