Paying for dreams: Fallout 4 Season Pass and empty promises

MWEB GameZone writes: "Should gamers pre-order a Season Pass when the devs don't even know what the actual DLC will be yet?

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Sillicur1183d ago

If there is one company (other than CDPR) i would still buy a season pass from, its Bethesda. They also talk about Skyrim DLC's as an example, which points towards the DLC's being pretty big! Not too worried tbh

HanCilliers1183d ago

I don't see why you shouldn't pre-order - even without knowing the DLC. Because. Fallout.

KyRo1183d ago

Like the past two broken, bug ridden games that got a free pass right?

SolidStoner1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

agree that Falouts are great games.. with or without bugs.. there was tons of bugs when it was from above F1 & F2.. and there is now when Bethesda took over.. I can imagine why, there is too much stuff that can go wrong.. too much player based decisions...

pre order is basically bad - m key.. but if it is fallout (and we saw something already, so its ok for these games....)

I really, really, really hate and feel sad, when developers decide to take out something from the game and then mark it as DLC or Bonus Content just to get YOU to pre order.. that is what destroys many good games..

GameSpawn1183d ago

Thanks to the age of internet connected consoles, every game releases broken and unfinished. How broken varies by the developer and publisher.

Publishers have gotten worse about their deadlines and developers have gotten worse about reaching those deadlines at the sake of patching the game later (AC: Unity much?).

If you're worried...don't buy it right away. That is your choice and right as a consumer. You could also get it for PC. The PC Fallout games (and other Bethesda games) tend to get patches quicker (either official or unofficial via mods).

KaZeDaRKWIND1183d ago

They may be buggy but they are still better than most of the pieces of garbage being released today. Generally the bugs are fixed and what you're left with is a good game. Plus their expansions are almost always good, once again compared to the trash being released today.

Its not like they are being given a free pass. They simply prove they are worthy of it.

LordMaim1183d ago

Fallout 3, New Vegas, and Skyrim were all bug ridden messes, and they were awesome. They were awesome enough that I didn't stop playing when I lost hours of progress due to a broken quest chain, or continuous freezes lost me I don't know many hundreds of XP and dragon bones. Eventually patches fixed their issues, and the DLC for the games was consistently excellent. I'd be willing to take a chance on a Bethesda season pass, even though I know that I'm going to have to bring the can of Raid.

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jb2271182d ago

See this is the interesting thing that I was mentioning in regards to the UC4 sp dlc fiasco from last week. A lot of people were upset that ND announced a story dlc before the game was out and they took a lot of flak from people unwilling to pay attention to NDs history and see that these things are additive to the experience & not subtractive, that they go into production after the game ships & work as standalone experiences. All these people could believe was that this is somehow content cut from the full game and that it was wrong for devs to announce it prior to release. Fast forward to this situation & people are upset that the content ISN'T being announced because they can't understand why a dev would ask gamers to buy into an unknown prospect. From this we can see that there is a section of gamers that literally can't reconcile or come to terms with the idea of a dlc or season passes even years after their introduction, and devs are damned if they do, damned if they don't. This vocal contingent pay no mind to the ultimate quality of these dlc releases, their beef is solely with an idea that is obviously part of the future of this industry, for good & for bad.

Best practice is what you've said, you support dlc from devs that can be trusted based off of their prior history. Are there bad instances of dlc that equates to cut content & greedy business practices? Most definitely...doesn't mean they all fall into that category. If you are a fan of a developer or franchise and have had good experiences with their dlc practices in the past, then go for it. If you are leery, wait for reviews & impressions from gamers to garner what kind of experience is on the disc and whether a purchase is necessary. I don't understand how dlc can somehow be considered as some evil idea in blanket terms, it's basically the same thing as saying all games are bad because they cost money. Some games are bad and undeserving of gamer dollars, others aren't. Same deal for dlc, all it is (when done right) is smaller and cheaper games & add-ons for those who want more to their experience.

HoldenZA1183d ago

I think Bethesda is one of the few studios that I would comfortably pre-order a season pass with. I'm sure it will be worth it when they finally do figure out what it is :D

ZombieDreddZA1183d ago

I will generally not pre-order/pre-buy DLC until I've seen what is on offer. Doesn't matter who the developer is, when it comes to DLC, there is no guarantee on value of content.

SonZeRo1183d ago

I love Fallout and i would be tempted to get the season pass but my wife already dropped R1500 on the Pip-boy edition for me so I can't go and expect another R600+ for DLC's that don't even exist as a thought yet. Sorry Bethesda but I can't support season passes, not even for you.

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