August 2015 NPD: Wii U and Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold sales

NE: "On Thursday, NPD issued its latest U.S. sales report. We now have some additional information pertaining to the August 2015 On Thursday, NPD issued its latest U.S. sales report. We now have some additional information pertaining to the August 2015 period."

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FallenAngel19842150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

GameCube managed to sell roughly 109k in August 2004 NPD. Wii U failing to even reach half that total, selling roughly 43k, in its third August on the market is utterly abysmal.

wonderfulmonkeyman2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

Console sales are down, software sales are up, profits are fine, and here you are, saying nothing but negative things about Nintendo again.

Just stop.

MrSwankSinatra2150d ago

People say Negative things about Nintendo because that's all you can say. There is hardly ever anything good-worthy that even comes from Nintendo these days. Nintendo is a stupid company that constantly makes stupid decisions.

Sly-Lupin2150d ago

To be fair to Nintendo, they had much better (in terms of constancy) first and third party support for the Gamecube.

zugdar2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

Third party yes but N had plenty of duds for the Gamecube IMO. Custom Robo, Geist, Kirby Air Ride, and Star Fox never lived up to the level of many of their other games (I'm sure their are a few more). I would say the WiiU has had better quality overall although limited.

3-4-52150d ago

Sales aren't going to get better.

They will spike for a short while with Legend of Zelda, but once the NX is announced you won't see many of these sold.

* Love my Wii U, but all the new games are being released on NX instead.

It makes more sense that way anyways.

Wii U isn't going to suddenly break through this gen, so might as well stack the deck for the NX and launch it with as many games as possible.

It's hard to sustain sales with little 3rd party support.

GordonKnight2150d ago

@ 3-4-5

Nintendo might make the NX compatible with Wii U. Giving you the option to link both systems together. Especially, if the NX doesn't have a game-pad. No game-pad means no backwards compatibility with the Wii U. With the awesome library of games on the Wii U it would huge mistake if the NX couldn't play them.

We already know the NX will not have a disc drive. So how will the NX play Wii U games?

The Wii U will never pass the mainstream PS4 in sales.

FallenAngel19842150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

@ wonder

Its the truth though. Also of note is that 3DS sold less than half units in August 2015 NPD, selling a respectable 77K, than Game Boy Advance did in August 2005 NPD, selling an impressive 180K.

Overall this means that Nintendo is selling less hardware in the 8th gen than they did in the 6th gen at the same point in each lifecycle.

3-4-52150d ago

Well, they are winding down on the 3DS releases and preparing for the NX announcement in 2016.

That will spike sales for a while because it will be new and there will be natural hype for what is new from Nintendo.

3DS sales decreasing are normal at this point in it's life cycle, as it released in 2011.

Wii U's sales are due to lack of 3rd part support which leads to lack or interest in gamers wanting to buy into the Wii U.

It's a good Nintendo / Mario machine, and I love it for that, but sales aren't ever going to get good again for the Wii U outside of the month or two around the legend of zelda's release date.

PhoenixUp2150d ago

@ 3-4-5

You're missing that point here. In August 2005 the GBA's successor was already on the market. Despite that it still sold a large number of units.

There's no reason for NX to be the reason 3DS sales are lower in comparison. In fact during the entirety of the 3DS's lifespan it sold less than GBA when you line up their launches. Both GBA and 3DS were the same age at this point in time, so its not really normal for the latter's sales to be that much lower.

Also there's no telling how NX will initially perform. 3DS had an abysmal launch but pulled off an epic comeback while Wii U had a relatively great launch but drastically droppes off afterwards. There's no pattern for NX to traditionally follow.

M3TR01DFANBOY2150d ago

Nintendo is a great company that constantly makes great games.

superchiller2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

Too bad they make terrible hardware that simply isn't worth the asking price at all. Makes it easy to skip the handful of decent games they put out.

AKR2150d ago

And I have yet to understand why we're comparing a market with an 11-year difference.

As long as the system is profiting; that's all that matters. Now if they were burning money, yeah, complain. But if its lining their pockets — who's complaining OUTSIDE of the company that's SUPPOSED to care?

Picnic2150d ago

Gamecube was almost as innovative as WiiU in terms of trying out peripherals (konga drums) and unusual games (Viewtiful Joe). And it launched at £150 in the UK and was as low as £40 WITH WInd Waker or RE4 at some points.

It didn't have the largest library but it is crazy that Gamecube didn't sell more.

Nintendo are purposefully making WiiU not sell more because they refuse to cut the RRP price - in the UK at least. The handheld controller might cost a lot but if they truly wanted to shift consoles they'd cut the Mario maker bundle price to £199.99 instead of £259.99.

They don't want to shit units at the cost of losing profit- and at the cost of devaluing what they can later release on NX as a download.

Concertoine2150d ago

I think if people gave the gamecube the respect it deserved we'd be looking at a much better Nintendo now. The best RE games ever, new IPs like Pikmin, Eternal Darkness and Animal Crossing. Great sequels like F Zero GX, Sunshine, Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2, i can go on...

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Picnic2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

I squarely blame PS2 for that, although selling Rare (apart from one so-so swansong, Starfox Adventures) might have cost a couple more million sales for the Gamecube. The PS2 just had a lot of brand loyalty carried over from the PS1, including backwards compatibility, was the first place to play DVDs and a 3D Grand Theft Auto game on a console, had loads of games on the shelves and its minimalist design was in fashion with many. Plus anyone in to RPGs made it their default. Mostly terrible reasons for a console to sell quite so many in my opinion but people will buy what they want to buy for what they want, brand name or whatever. It did retain Silent Hill 3 as a console exclusive and had niche Japanese games.

The original Xbox was itself a victim of PS2. Sega killed themselves with the Saturn though - no major new Sonic game? No spirit of the Megadrive- Saturn appeared too hardcore. People would have waited for the N64 rather than buy a Saturn if PS1 hadn't been out. Dreamcast was very decent though but very arcadey on the whole and for a variety of reasons, including how Sega killed consoles after only a few years, many people waited for the PS2 even though few people seem to have a solid philosophical gaming reason why in comparison to the competition.

I do get annoyed about Sony's dominance 1996-2005 because, for me, Sony really became a company to respect when they were on the ropes with the early PS3 and then Heavy Rain, then Uncharted 2 come out followed by loads of other great games.

Loadedklip2150d ago

That ... and the fact that the gen before Nintendo showed the average gamer that they no longer had the 3rd party support they use to have with the NES and Snes.

N64 was filled with droughts due to the lack of third party software.

The Gamecube did have better third party support but the gap between the support the Gamecube had and the PS4 had was a night and day difference still.

So the Gamecube sold even less as even more gamers moved from Nintendo to Sony.

The fact any Nintendo system can remain profitable without substantial third party support is incredible. Nintendo do as a games publisher/developer is amazing.

Unfortunately Nintendo as a console maker has failed to secure the third party support that the NES and SNES had for multiple generations now.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2149d ago

The the whole no Third Party only applies to console for Nintendo.

For Handheld Nintendo has them.
The problem is why aren't the devs that develop for their handhelds develop for the consoles.

for example having Bravely Third or Etrian Odyssey V on Wii U.

Spotie2150d ago

"Mostly terrible reasons for a console to sell quite so many in my opinion"

So having loads of games of all genres for everyone to play is a terrible reason to sell well?

Having the previous library- one of the best ever, too- playable on the new hardware from the start is a terrible reason to sell well?

Having earned trust with your last product is a terrible reason to sell well?

In your esteemed (lol) opinion, what DOES justify selling well?

And why the hell would Nintendo NOT want to move more units? Like you fans always say, Nintendo isn't hurting for money, so why WOULDN'T they want to improve the image of their brand before the next product is revealed? As it stands, nobody is taking Nintendo seriously with console hardware right now.

Besides, if Nintendo doesn't do something about third party relations, it'll just be a repeat of the Wii U. They're not gonna grab the success of the Wii by trying to get the casuals again; that ship has sailed. If they want to regain relevancy, they're gonna have to do more than "innovate" in ways people don't really want.

GordonKnight2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

@ spotie

I agree with your points about PS2 not haviing a good reason to sell well. Loved my PS2.

The casual gaming market isn't the reason the Wii sold so well. It was the weight loss market that they tapped into with the Wii Fit balance board, which is over a 8 billion dollar industry.

Sony & MS are going to lose casual gamers to the Apple TV 4, which will play indie games and older games. It may not have all AAA games, but it will compete with the X1 for the all in one entertainment devise for casual gamers. Smart phones never had an impact on the casual home console market.

What Casual gamer would purchase a Wii U? When it doesn't have a Blu-ray player or ability to play your music.

Very smart move by Apple!

Picnic2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

I was clumsily trying to say that ,to my eyes, and not being bothered about driving games though, Xbox and Gamecube catered more for my 'pick up and play' tastes and BC and overall number of games didn't affect that. I'm not in to very Japanese RPGs for instance. Both Xbox and GC were colourful fun for me and they could be quirky too. And how else could I play Metroid Prime , Jet Set Radio Future or Half Life 2 on consoles? I didn't have such excitement for PS2 games. But I adored the PS3 for Uncharted, Puppeteer, Quantic Dreams' games, indie or indie like games.