Star Wars: Battlefront - Here Is 10 Minutes Of New Gameplay Footage

YouTube's 'Jake McNeill' has released a video, showing 10 minutes of new gameplay footage from Star Wars: Battlefront's Walker Assault mode.

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Rimeskeem1185d ago

Cool seeing what this game is like if you are good at it.

akurtz1185d ago

right? i cant stand those peeps who have no clue 😒

freshslicepizza1184d ago

take out the star wars background and ask yourself, does the game itself look good? to me visually it looks very nice but the gameplay appears very boring and the auto-aim is just too much for me who like to just run around and try and kill people, get killed, respawn, rinse and repeat... totally aimed at casuals.

venom061184d ago

OMG!!!! i absolutely CAN NOT wait for this game... if final release is anything like the ALPHA, this is gonna be nice..

Jughead34161184d ago

Great looking game. I don't know what to do man. I can't get everything. It's a time thing. I don't have time for Fallout 4, Halo 5, The Taken King, Star Wars, etc. Unless I quit my job and abandon my wife and Too many great games at once. Every holiday season, I miss out on something. I'd hate to skip this, but I'm not passing on Halo and Fallout.

nX1184d ago

I was really excited for Battlefront, almost preordered it a few weeks ago but after seeing this video I'm glad I didn't. I think I'll wait for reviews to be sure that:
- the servers work properly (BF4 will never be forgotten)
- there is enough content in terms of maps and unlockables
- the game is not just boring run'n'gun like this video suggests

I still hope that it will be a great game but the last few years showed me that you never know whether a game is actually as good as all the hyped up CGI trailers suggest.

4Sh0w1184d ago

hmmm, doesn't look as fun as the first gameplay reveal trailer but maybe I was just excited to finally see a Stars Wars game again.

MysticStrummer1184d ago

@moldy - "Casual" doesn't mean "bad game" just like "hardcore" doesn't mean "good game". "Fun" means "good game", and this gameplay looks fun to me. Would I buy it if it didn't have the look and sound of classic Star Wars? Hard to say, but it has those things nailed so there's no point in thinking about it.

abstractel1184d ago

Man, DICE messed up ONCE in their whole amazing career and you can't let it go. Out of how many games they've done, how many had a flawed released? 1! DICE is a fantastic studio. BF4 was pushed out early against DICE's wishes by EA. Considering the backlash, I doubt that will happen again.

Kleptic1184d ago


I agree that this gameplay footage doesn't show much of anything interesting going on...

but...there wasn't any 'auto-aim', that was clearly the PC version (mouse pointer in menu, look speed, etc.)...

but again, yeah...its definitely a casual focused mp game...just watching him stand on that hill for 3 minutes without getting picked off, and dropping like 30 guys or whatever...only casuals let you get away with that...they're making this as mass appeal as possible obviously, and that leaves zero room for true skill gaps...low'ish ttk, no recoil, 100% full auto accuracy, seemingly unlimited ammo, like that make the worst players on earth still able to drop people...and make the best players not seem all that different other than situational awareness...

I'm not for or against the game...I do think it looks visually impressive, but DICE/EA haven't really been on my list of game makers i'm in a hurry to buy from again...regardless of who the game is geared towards...

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UKmilitia1185d ago

looks like auto aim on? really easy to lock in on people far away and it looks crap hip firing that far away.

looks way to much like BF imo.

CommanderPYE1184d ago

I'd say he just happens to be really good with mouse and keyboard.

And I wonder how well squad combat works. This guy was more of a lone wolf.

Irishguy951184d ago

looks like auto aim on? really easy to lock in on people far away and it looks crap hip firing that far away.

looks way to much like BF imo.

Perhaps the most contradicting pair of sentences to date

Magicite1184d ago

I dont think thats the case.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1184d ago

Sorry, this game looks bad. and I love DICE games but this isn't looking good at all.

Halo 5 FTW even the beta smashed this.

PSIN4MANT1184d ago

Your agenda is showing...........

Paytaa1184d ago

I dont think this game looks bad, I just don't think it differs from Battlefield as much as it should. Of course I think Halo 5 is leaps and bounds better but that's my own personal opinion and is very subjective. I'm not really into these type of shooters anymore but if I had to choose between Battlefront or BO3 I'd get Battlefront twice before I get CoD.

@darren_poolies You are sure in the minority then and or never touched the beta.

spicelicka1184d ago

Don't start unnecessary flame wars.

darren_poolies1184d ago


Guess I'm in the minority then. Played it and didn't enjoy. Just didn't feel like Halo.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1184d ago

@darren, you are in the minority.

@PSIN4, i dont get it what agenda? You think im a console fanboy? No thanks ill stick with enjoying any platform i wanna play on. Sorry you can only afford one console.

S2Killinit1184d ago

OHHHH now I see why there are people hating on StarWars of all things.... its the same story as with Destiny apparently. Sad. Don't worry Halo will sell, you don't have to hate on StarWars.

antz11041184d ago

So you played either, right? I can watch Twitch all day but going hands on is a completely different experience.

AquarianKing1184d ago

Halo 5 beta was poor and boring

MysticStrummer1184d ago

Sorry, this game looks good, and I'm not even a huge fan of DICE but this is looking fun.

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frostypants1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

This actually reminds me of Warhawk on the PS3. This is a good thing...Warhawk was awesome.

RedDevils1184d ago

This game look meh so far. Can easily get bore real fast

Irishguy951184d ago

We have people moaning about recoil now? This gameplay vid was Extremely similar to the old battlefronts.

3-4-51184d ago

* Looks awesome, but I was bored just watching that.

That doesn't look that fun.

Will it be a good game ? Yes

Does the gameplay look fun from what I've seen = No.

* Still keeping an open mind that it will be awesome, but to be honest I'm getting less excited for this game and more excited for Halo 5 as they both approach.

I planned on buying both, but I'll wait until I see more gameplay.

It's Star Wars, so I want to play it...I want to like it, but that wasn't very fun to watch.

Let's be fanboy stuff. Be honest. It was kind of boring.

Doesn't mean the full game will be boring though.

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_-EDMIX-_1185d ago

Wish they would go in FPS view more, but good to see how 3rd person looks like. Looks fun, can't wait.

sullynathan1185d ago

They did 3rd person to 1st person view better than Bethesda has ever done

TheBurger291184d ago

Right lets compare a 2007 game to a 2016 game...

BiggerBoss1184d ago

Skyrim came out in 2011 and had an awful first person mode.

TheBurger291184d ago

My bad completely forgot about skyrim XD. Too hyped for Fallout 4 to remember Elder scrolls.

Well one is a shooter focused game and the other is a open-world rpg. Kinda hard to compare the two but will have to see what Fallout 4 brings to the table to do a good comparison.

sullynathan1184d ago

Or you can also compare it to what we've seen from Fallout 4.

This is Bethesda, the same company that has had third to first person perspective on their games for 20 years and they still couldn't do it properly. Rockstar and DICE do it once and outshine them completely.

pyroxxx1184d ago

That is not hard,.. since both views are broken in Bethesta's games

ginsunuva1184d ago

He's making fun of Bethesda not being able to get it right after all this time.

Antifan1184d ago

Yep, but Bethesda will have more content in their game than any EA game, that's for sure.

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nix1185d ago

wow.. that guy is hitting targets that are miles away... i'm never gonna survive if that guy and i'm in the same room. the back voice that was giving orders sounded like Killzone for a sec. took me straight back to KZ2 mp days. those were great days.

Last_Boss1184d ago

And they say Stormtroopers couldn't hit the broadside of a barn.

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