How to get easy S-ranks in Metal Gear Solid V

Take a look at how you can S-rank any mission in Metal Gear Solid V.

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RJ920091129d ago

Common sense all of this...

Bansai1129d ago

Time is most important, you can go stealth non lethal/lethal, as long as you're fast and do a lot of headshots [1k points each] S ranks are a breeze. You need 130k minimum for S, good luck guys.

I already did my fair share o S ranks :) https://scontent.fwaw3-1.fn...

RJ920091128d ago

I just need 3 more but I'm already sick of the game it was nothing like I thought it would be. it's good but not great as most pepole are hyping it to be...

BluEx6101129d ago

Anyone else get S rank while using lethal? I used lethal and got S rank twice. Honestly don't really know the requirements for S rank. =)

Neckbear1129d ago

Time and/or objective completion, mainly. Combat alerts and kills really don't deduct enough points to make S-rank impossible by killing a bunch of people, or even the whole base.

So long you're either fast or thoughrough, at least.

WildArmed1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )


All you have to do is get 130k points, lethal or not, stealth or not.

Game is pretty flexible since it also gives you points for completing the side objectives.

Getting S rank in the game is pretty lax, you can even use checkpoints :)

nX1129d ago

130k actually bzt yeah, it's pretty easy in most of the missions.

Summons751129d ago

They don't count kills against you like they did in Ground Zeroes. I've had that happen too, I'll be playing full stealth but I've got a couple good dmg guns in case things go I'll somehow trigger an alert because my silencer broke and things go horribly wrong but then I ended up with an S and I was so confused. It's all goes to how MGSV is great.

skulz71129d ago

The ranking system is kinda mucked up. It rewards you for speed when being stealthy takes a longer time to plan out your strategy etc.

Baka-akaB1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

Not exactly , there are definitive ways with most of those missions to get S while sneaking and not killing a soul .

We just can't expect to figure all of those in the first go while figuring out bases , path and patrols , without being extremly lucky , or outright cheating with walkthroughs and youtube .

It's stuff we usually should get right after a few tries , and when not distracted by the allure of fultoning elite soldiers , vehicules and secondary and lucrative extra objectives

Captain_TomAN941129d ago

Exactly. This game actually allows you to do well playing your own way as long as you accomplish your mission fast and well.

Nothing else should matter.

PhucSeeker1129d ago

Yup! The temptation of fultoning elite soldiers is real. Even in the mist of battle, i'll save some time to fulton those sweet A++ dudes.

lildudexst1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

Been getting s by not getting caught at all and by using stun gun or sleep sleep

pyroxxx1129d ago

Speed and head shots are preferable ,.. alarm is like -5k

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The story is too old to be commented.