I Don’t Know What the Point of ‘Until Dawn’ Is, and That’s Why It’s Brilliant

VICE: "Sony's horror game casts me somewhere between God and everybody's dad. And then everyone dies. What the hell is going on?"

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timmyp531135d ago

The game gives you the freedom to decide if you are you supposed to be playing to try save everyone or kill everyone. There is no correct way to play the game though. That's its charm.

Accessible & Engaging. Definitely sleeper hit.

Clown_Syndr0me1135d ago

How many times did you play it?
I felt this way after my first play through and loved it. After my second play through I was left very disappointed in the differences choices actually make and I felt the game was far more linear in those terms than is let on initially.
Brilliant game for one play through though - although I guessed nearly every plot twist way before the reveals but that's what you get for being a horror movie veteran!

timmyp531135d ago

I feel like all the characters choices have Good choices and consequences except Matt.

Clown_Syndr0me1135d ago

Don't you find it irritating how many choices have the same outcome.
For example the scene with Ashley and Josh in the barn. To me that was such an important scene and could of completely changed the game but instead no matter what choice is made the outcome is the same.
Missed opportunity in my opinion. I'd rate it 9/10 on first play through but this dropped to about 6 when I realised the choices are so artificial.

miyamoto1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

you can save Matt by giving him the flare gun and if you do he will help save Jess later on

timmyp531135d ago

It's the fact that he fires it for some weird arbitrary reason if you decided to take the gun. It's actually a good idea to go to the tower. The fact that you can only save him by disagreeing with emily to go there is silly. Should have given you the option to hold the flare gun.

DragonDDark1135d ago

We want be getting anything like it this year unfortunately.

JoeReno1135d ago

What? You may have commented on the wrong article. Perhaps Until Dawn will not release in your territory until next year, or maybe you simply meant "we won't be getting anything ELSE like it this year"

DragonDDark1135d ago

Anything like the same genre I meant. lol

DragonDDark1135d ago

Wont* not want
Sorry i just noticed -.-

Summons751135d ago

The point is to enjoy a story be controlling the outcome. Like any game, the point is to play and have fun. What's not to get?

tigertron1135d ago

The point is to have fun with a great interactive experience and emotional storytelling.