Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain - 10 Huge Problems Nobody Wants To Admit

WC: Metal Gear Solid should always stand the test of time as a bastion for free-wheeling artistic experimentation in everything from gameplay to story, and whilst I must stress MGS V is still a phenomenal game, such a coat of polish makes all the blemishes way more noticeable. Spoilers ahead!

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2pacalypsenow1130d ago

yeah , its great game but def not the BEST MGS game, at times it doesn't even feel like im playing MGS

vickers5001130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

It's definitely the best Metal Gear Solid game Ive ever played, though I only played through 3 and 4, and watched walkthroughs on the rest, I think I've played enough to be able to say it's my favorite. Even played through mgs4 a second time shortly before release. It's the best game I've played this generation, it's the best stealth game I've ever played (something finally dethroned deus ex hr for my favorite stealth game), and it's certainly the best mgs I've ever played, and I'm not even finished with it, only half way through and still having a blast.

I gather the main reason some are so dissapointed is that it doesn't have as many cutscenes as previous titles did. I remember some complaining mgs4 had too many, I wasnt one of them myself, but I'm also not complaining about the extra focus on gameplay this time around in number 5. All you folks who care more about the story already got your story heavy conclusion to the series with mgs4, and those who care more about the gameplay can get their fill with mgsv, which undoubtedly has the best gameplay of them all. You can make a claim that mgs is supposed to be about the story primarily, but I've seen longtime fans of the series be more passion about the stealth gameplay than they have about the story. Metal Gear either invented or popularized stealth games, so I'd say there's a pretty big divide amongst fans on which they prefer most.

Anyways, back to MGSV, freaking love this game.

--Onilink--1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

I havent beaten the game yet, but so far i dont think its about cutscenes, its the mission structure, at least for me.

I dont understand why so many reviews praise the open world in this game, when i dont even think its an open world.

You see games like witcher, fallout or gta, the games are packed with side missions and collectibles, however you unlock/complete them as you navigate through the map in a specific progression based on the story

In MGSV, you are not really moving through a map finding a doing sidequests as you move through the story, its basically just picking one from the menu, ride the chopper to the mission area, then leave. Repeat.

I think one of the biggest areas of improvement is to actually group the missions more and actually try to have several missions in a single place be doable, (i.e a heavy infantry mission that has a prisoner and one of the soldiers is a skilled soldier).

Otherwise, you only really do several missions at once just by forcing yourself to travel a huge distance without nothing to do inbetween just to save some GMP.

Finally, the other big thing missing is bases, like actual big bases, with interiors, its weird that practically the entire game(so far for me at least) is always outside, in villages and stuff like that.

Then again, im still loving the game, the mechanics, the gameplay, so far it give it about a 9.3

But i still feel that it could be better and more MGS-like

vickers5001129d ago

It could definitely be better, and I do kind of agree that treks to and from bases can be a hassle, but I still think this beats the hell out if previous metal gear games linear structure.

The stealth, controls, mechanics are light years ahead of anything previous mgs games had to offer, the staggering amount of detail in the gameplay and many ways you can approach something more than make up for the story imo.

And I'm even enjoying the story more than previous games as well, it has a darker, more serious tone than previous games. Seems to get to the point rather than overexplain jargon to me like previous games. I guess when it comes to this site, I'm in the minority in thinking mgs v is the best, but I'm fine with that, I generally see a preference amongst linear games, people who think Uncharted is the greatest thing ever while I just think it's good.

But I do see little signs here and there in the game that give me the idea Kojima was not able to do everything he wanted to do with the game because of Konami undoubtedly. Still, I think it's the best game this gen. Haven't played the witcher yet, though I plan to, I'm wary of swords and sorcery games after being massively and utterly bored to tears by dragon age inquisition.

It's a damn shame what happened at Konami, mgs v could have been the foundation for a mgs with massive gameplay depth AND massive story depth. That being said, it's still better than previous metal gears.

XBLSkull1129d ago

I've only played 2 and 4, and Phantom Pain is much better than either of those games. My only gripes really are the first intro mission/hospital sequence was not fun at all and a chore to get through, and I'm bummed that all the guns in the game are made up. I remember real world firearms being available in 2 and 4, and I miss that authenticity.

goathouse7741129d ago


I'm not trying to be a$$hole, but... you just don't get it. And you're not the only one.

The world is open ENOUGH to allow the targets to be approached from every direction. Choosing where to attempt your entry is going to set the stage for the entire infiltration. That's what this world's open structure is designed around and it serves its role with machine precision.

As far as mission groupings: if they weren't spaced out as they are, you'd lose the usage cases for, probably, 75% of the functions in the game. I have loads of fun doing map-clearing side ops runs because I get to use all the transportation options (why else would they include fast-travel platforms) and countless air drops / air support tactics as I plot my way across the map.

Now, I've pointed this out a few different in other threads here on n4g and mostly just get a chorus of crickets in response. If you're not willing to listen to reason, then you don't deserve to enjoy this game.

Rant over.

--Onilink--1129d ago


Im sorry, but thats not an open world, thats just a well designed level in an slightly open area. I could just as well be picking up the mission from a menu and have 95% of map locked behind an invisible wall and i wouldnt notice. Having well designed areas and stealth mechanics that allow me to approach a mission however i like is not being open world (i.e Dishonored or Splinter Cell Conviction)

As for the missions, I have done more than one side op at a time, called in D-horse, a vehicle or used the box, however it has only been because of being too annoyed of having to call the chopper and go through more loading screens. The game does not encourage you to navigate the world on foot with it´s mission structure, not in the slightest. Its designed to be constantly going, doing the mission, getting extracted, and repeat.

As i said, i dont really hate this, however i feel it could be better. And its certainly not feeling like an open world game

yojimbo_slice1129d ago

Open world is a term for video games where a player can move freely through a virtual world and is given considerable freedom in choosing how or when to approach objectives, as opposed to other computer games that have a more linear structure.

I'm pretty sure The Phantom Pain is the definition of an open world game.

--Onilink--1129d ago


the thing is, you are not really giving much freedom in regards to when to do your side missions. Unless they open up in the side ops list menu, you can navigate to the place where the mission will take place and nothing will be there. You wont trigger a mission by getting to the location, you need to wait for the game to decide to add it to the list so then you can take a chopper to the location.

The map may be open, yes, but you are still bound to a menu screen to dictate when something will happen, otherwise its just an empty world with a couple of villages.

That´s what i mean about MGSV not really being an open world game. Its a game where you choose missions on a list, take a chopper to the location of the mission ignoring pretty much 95% of the map, and then go back to the chopper so you can select another mission from the list

Arnon1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

I understand the goal of allowing one to enter a mission from any angle, but I'm not sure they really took into account how this would change the formula of the game.

One of the reasons every metal gear has had a challenge is because you start at a specific point in a level and have to navigate through it, thus making the difficulty easy to set. However, when you allow the person to enter the game area from any angle they choose, the most that can be done is have the AI walk around more. Unfortunately, there seems to:

A) always be a blind spot which makes every mission quite easy to deal with.
B) always be an easy way of getting out of sticky situations, since you don't have to run back through the level and hide and can instead just run "out" of the level. Also, guards almost never leave their outposts and bases, which further enforces running out of the mission area to deal with your problems (which is not hard to do).

Also, it's not an open world game. In such a kind of game, one isn't limited to looking at an open world map and being restricted to just the roads and medium-sized grassy areas. Can you imagine looking at GTAV's map and only being allowed to play on the roads? This is another area of the game where the developers force their "difficulty" on the player. By not allowing the player to climb over mountains (even though you're Big Boss...), the player is forced to deal with enemy outposts, whether directly or indirectly. You can take them all out (which isn't hard even with nothing but tranqs), or sneak around the outpost. But either way you're *forced* to deal with the outposts, which eats up your time and creates the illusion of a game being more difficult than it actually is.

Lastly, enemy positions are almost always the same for each outpost no matter which mission you undertake, which makes each mission very predictable. I've literally been like "Oh, great. That place! Now I have to deal with like 20 dudes, even though it's not hard."

Game's super fun, but it's not a very graceful sequel to the MGS series.

goathouse7741129d ago

Sounds like you guys just can't appreciate it for what it is.

Go on epic side ops runs across the map without calling the chopper.

Go for higher ranks in missions for more challenge.

Remember, there are awesome time trial challenges for when you know the game inside out and tons of unlockables to hunt for.

Experiment with different loadouts and tactics.

Don't attack the enemy supply lines for a bit more challenge and variety to your foes.

Have fun, for Christ's sake.

--Onilink--1129d ago


i am definitely enjoying the game for what it is, i wouldnt say i´d give it a 9.3 or have already 50 hours and just on mission 18 so far.

We are simply discussing some of the areas that it could do better and that have taken a bit some of the Metal Gear feel to it, but again, its not like im not enjoying what the game is trying.

If you look at the things you mention, you arent really listing anything that makes it a compelling open world, just some very compelling gameplay that gives you plenty of replayability from its mission approach, which is indeed quite fun, im very much looking forward to replaying old missions with new loadouts to get all the objetives and S rank them

Arnon1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )


I know this might shock you, but developers don't make games *entirely* for your enjoyment. And pointing out these flaws is not an indication that one isn't having fun. Rather, making note of such things makes more gamers aware of certain tricks implemented in games that either make you play them longer or make it seem like a justified purchase, which in turn leads to gamers being more careful with their wallets, and forcing such tricks out of the market (if that's what people want).

Just because a game is long and has a large variety of load outs doesn't mean that it's going to be anymore fun. If the story is slow and the overall gameplay mechanics are easy to master (seriously, I have the second upgrade to my tranq pistol and I'm snagging headshots 90+ meters away) as opposed to hard to master, then what am I doing other than experiencing something analogous to a tour? If I can play the game in such a way that I know I will win without any penalty to my score, then why *wouldnt* I do that? A game should provide difficulty in its own way depending on the situation for every situation.

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gta_manic1130d ago

Its a great open world game and pretty good metal gear solid game if that makes any sense.

assdan1130d ago

This game is my favorite MGS game and I'm a little saddened by it as well. On one hand, this one has my favorite gameplay of any of them, but the story is not as good. I still enjoy the story, but it is missing those long cutscenes I've come to love in the series.

tuglu_pati1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

Im like 50% in and so far im a little underwhelm, i find the game missions a little repetitive and the story a bit slow. Its a great game, but not the best this year. I guess i bar set to high.

Vegamyster1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

I wouldn't say your bar was set high, i was expecting larger bases similar to the one in Ground Zero to explore since the previous games always had like that. This one is like 90% of the missions take place in small/med sized villages with generic "Find Prisoner/Blueprint/Enemy/vehic le" ect, the ones that are larger have low enemy density and lots of cover so they're not really challenging. Definitely not a bad game but 18 hours in i do feel underwhelmed/burnt out.

Muadiib1130d ago

I agree, I actually had more fun in GZ than in all the 55 hours I've played TPP.

dimasok1130d ago

The repetitiveness of the side-ops is what really gets to me. Extract identical prisoner 1,2,3,.., kill identical tank crew 1,2,3..., find identical wandering crew member 1,2,3,..

Its like the game is laughing in my face.

WitWolfy1130d ago

The sad this is I lost bubbles for saying this exact same thing 2 days after the game launched. It felt like Kojima wanted to do more with the open world sections but never implemented it...

I should've known better...

StanLee1129d ago

Honestly, I'm enjoying it but it's not a 10 game. Reviews are terribly misleading and inflated. The game doesn't raise the bar in any way or change how we play open world games. I think reviews set expectations high. I'm not saying the reviewers intended to mislead but some developers have reached such acclaim that anticipation for their new project and the way games are reviewed after quick, sustained playthroughs, I don't think many reviewers have a chance to be objective. There's a bit of emotional high, especially if you're a fan. Many of the reviews I've read are just fanservice to be honest.

nowitzki20041129d ago

I agree. Its amazing but Witcher 3 is GOTY still so far for me. Witcher 3 just has so much more variety in the story and world.

tuglu_pati1129d ago

Agree, Whitcher 3 its my GOTY so far

Genova841130d ago

Most of these "huge problems" can be summed up as, "the story is lacking." There, i agree, though i also don't really remember the story from the previous titles so it's hard for me to see why i'm so lost.

Love the gameplay though. I like that there are different loadouts available but i do usually stick to one main build. I don't think that's a major issue though.

LordMaim1129d ago

I think the article is more like "Here are 10 ads that I'd like you to click through". A lot of these points are a reach, at best.

Ristul1130d ago

Yeah, the game doesn't feel like MGS, that's what I liked with past games in the series, the strong focus on characters/story.

sullynathan1130d ago

Man, why wasn't the list all on one page? This is annoying.

Prototype_79L1130d ago

Use this, just copy the link of the page and click deslide. I hate this too.