Metal Gear Solid 5 is the best and most disappointing game of the year

GR: "Warning: I'm spoiling everything up in here. You've been warned.

Can a game be your favorite and least favorite at the exact same time? Because that's the sort of mental gymnastics I've been dealing with since I rolled credits (full credits, mind) for the third time in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, witnessing the game's true ending. How can a game be this well-designed and brilliant to play and still feel like a total mess?"

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Bimkoblerutso1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

It's weird that I feel the same way. I love the open world and gameplay, but the story kind of treads dangerously close to parody at this point in my opinion. And it was...surprisingly boring for a Kojima story, too.

Still loved it though. Gameplay alone was enough for me. Stealth in an open world works ridiculously well.

twiggytree121223d ago

I agree, gameplay makes up for the lackluster story.

I personally haven't finished the story yet, but I've completed 30 missions, 30 side ops and clocked 66 hours in the game. To me that's insane for a first play through of a MGS game.

Every other entry in the metal gear solid series I have played (minus peace walker) took me no more than 10 hours to complete and feel like I got the best from the game.

MGSV just has so much to do from managing mother base and combat unit deployment to developing hardware for field use. The unique buddy system also adds a whole new layer of infiltration options and a nice change of pace.

Options is just the best word to describe it. Handling things your way truly is the best way.

killbillvolume121223d ago

Twiggytree12 after playing 66 hours do you really see yourself playing this game again after you finish it? For me i was 100 hours in still wasnt finished and i was pretty much done with it.

twiggytree121223d ago


Definitely not immediately but I would play it again after a nice break. I suspect my first play through will last me quite a few more hours though as I am going for the platinum. A second play through would be much more relaxed though.

NHL16 and Fallout 4 are my only other day one pick ups this year so I'll have those to give me a metal gear break if I need it. But that's just me.

XBLSkull1223d ago

The only other MGS games I played were 2 and 4, needless to say Phantom Pain blows both of them out of the water. Awesome gameplay and Kojima finally realized making half a game cutscenes was a stupid idea and corrected that for his swan song.

Pintheshadows1222d ago

I have done 16 main missions and have already managed to play it for 56 hours. 23% complete.

I am going to be honest, I adore it.

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CaptainObvious8781223d ago

I blame the casual dude bro gamers for complaining about the cut scenes.

Now the people that have a huge, deep investment in the story have to miss out.

remixx1161223d ago

Yeah lol, I wouldn't say its their fault but I will say I miss the heavy emphasis on convoluted SciFi story and just doesn't scream scream metal gear to me.

Z5011222d ago

"Kojima finally realized making half a game cutscenes was a stupid idea and corrected that"

Peace Walker says Hi!

silkrevolver1222d ago

I have a deep investment in the story, and I VASTLY prefer the hands-off approach to story in PP to the other MGS games.

BringMeTheHorizon1223d ago

Game was really disappointing. Metal gear solid 4 is still the most beautiful in the series imo. They should've stayed with the linear cinematic story.


remixx1161223d ago

Yeah for me it peaked with 4, everything I loved about metal gear solid was all combined perfectly in 4......5 seems like a good spin off.

PhucSeeker1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

Yup, MGS 4 is the best MGS. Hope they'll do a remake which should be running at 60fps.

SEGAKIDD1223d ago

MGS should stay linear.

IIFloodyII1223d ago

I thought they had a really good balance with Snake Eater, game was linear, but opened up and let you approach areas and bases from a lot of different ways. Also had fantastic pacing, which The Phantom Pain does not.

coolman2291222d ago

I think the game should have remained mostly linear, with just larger areas. Each mission gives you an operation area that acts as an individual section. Stringing a number of those together would still give the more open feel while retaining the focus of previous MGS games.

CKPan1223d ago

Story is a huge factor to me, none of graphics, gameplay, or sound effect can replace it, so...should I buy this game?

aquaticDonut1223d ago

Guess not. As mentioned, its open world stealth gameplay is absolutely amazing and its story is...subpar.

WitWolfy1223d ago

Don't buy it... Stream it on Youtube... Thats what I should've done from the beginning, dont let Kojima's masterpiece trailers fool you.

Sutherland almost never talks... All the missions are the same thing over and over again. Cinematics are like 1 to 2 minutes long... MAX. The twist is stupid, I dont wanna say why. Forced exposition and lots and lots times when you wished that the checkpoint mark was more to your advantage.

As much as I want to like this game I feel cheated and at the same time disappointed.

ALowlyRock1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

If you're only in it for the story, then I'd suggest to wait until the game is cheaper. The first chapter was fine. It certainly wasn't up to par with what the rest of the series has to offer, but decent nonetheless. Chapter 2, however, was an unfinished mess and hugely disappointing.

killbillvolume121223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

IMHO after playing 100 hours of this game this quote sticks out to me:

"Wide as an ocean and deep as a puddle"

This quote is pretty sums up what mgs 5 is.

IIFloodyII1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

I disagree with that, the game has a lot of depth (unlike something like Skyrim, which that quote sums up perfectly), but just out stays it's welcome and isn't very focused. The story just isn't very good either, it doesn't feel connected at all and doesn't really know where it's going, it just sorta stops, with no real conclusion, with a twist that was poorly done and makes Big Boss look like a coward.

As the comment below said, it really doesn't feel like an MGS game.

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