Destiny: Kings Fall Raid Details

The details here outline what we know about King’s Fall, including its gear, challenge modes!

Looks like we have some new modifiers to go with a brand new raid.

Not much is known about these yet, but in addition to the level 42 Heroic (hard mode), there’s other “challenge” modifiers.

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nerdman671220d ago

Cant wait to get into the raid. Ive been dying for new content.

KuroKazuma1220d ago

you will die again next month

FanoRootBeer1220d ago

"I sure if your reading this your..."

What the hell kind of article is this?

TheNinjaTurkle1220d ago

I'm sure we're all human.

Fixed that small mistake. Thanks

Plyzz1220d ago

You only fixed "I'm". It's a common mistake, but where you write "your" it should be "you're".

Kingoftherodeo1220d ago

once again titan armor looks like poop. bungie must really dislike the titans

jeremyj29131219d ago

I like it. The Warlock armor looks a little weird to me but it could just be the pix they used.