First images from 360 Avatar creator

X3F were just contacted by their super secret source who forwarded these images that are supposedly from the Fall update's 360 Avatar creator.

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Omega44388d ago

Wow they have certainly surpassed Mii customization and i dont even think HOME avatars go as deep as letting you select ear-rings, rings and watches

eagle214388d ago

Have you seen the avatar customization videos for Home? They have the most extensive customization ever. Facial bone structure, eyes, hair, etc. Clothes and ear rings? Home has better everything. You can mention the Mii's, but seriously don't ever mention Home vs.

Superfragilistic4388d ago (Edited 4388d ago )

It appears certainly deeper than Miis but we know nothing of the final Avatars nor the full extent of Home's features.

But for something that's made for the mainstream, it doesn't look very casual and easy to use like the new dashboard. I'm not convinced this is the real thing.

Monchichi0254388d ago

We can really compare which ones will be better since the final options have not even been announced yet! This is just a rumor, and one with not to much detail at that! Mii's, Avators, Home characters.... won't tell which ones will be best till final versions are released. So let's leave this flamewar at...To be continued!!!

Omega44388d ago

Yeah i think i have seen some HOME video but it never mentioned anything about selecting rings, ear rings etc maybe whole costumes but Avatars got that anyway.

Also when you throw in the fact that this will b released before HOME and has deeper customization kinda makes Sony look pathetic

HOME development time: 3years
Avatar dev time: less than a year (most likely)

MS Avatars > HOME Avatars

MS sure knows how to do online the right way without delays

eagle214388d ago

Did you type that with a straight face? Are you even serious? Home was announced Feb. 2007, I don't know what calendar you use but it hasn't been 3 years since then.

The fact you can use the word "pathetic" in reference to the competition after you click the link above makes me cry with laughter.

HOME is in a whole another league than this Sesame Street looking stuff.

4388d ago
eagle214387d ago

Anyway, this looks pretty rushed and cartoony. Home is adult and miles ahead of this application. It doesn't matter how much uninformed information you post. It won't change how this looks to almost everyone and every site on the internet who has an opinion about it. :)

4387d ago
TVC154387d ago

the organization seems pretty random

mfwahwah4387d ago

Update: Just to be clear, the two images we posted are NOT screenshots from the Fall dashboard but are instead a collection of image thumnbails and artwork that are supposedly used in the Avatar creator. We just created a image "collage" to make for easier viewing.

Superfragilistic4387d ago

Well if that's the case I'm not so worried... Because the collage if it were the actual UI, I'd call it a messy, complicated disgrace. ;)

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pow3r of t3h c3ll4388d ago

absolutely terrible, I feel sorry for xbots cus M$ is going the way of casual wii gamers so they will have nothing good to play in the future while we PS3 owners will still have real games to play!


eagle214388d ago

This is very tacky and childish. Laughable at this stage in development for games and applications this generation (esp. on PS3 and 360). It looks rushed. ;)

rev204388d ago


I see what you mean and it would work in some games i just think that because the graphics are that much better on the 360 a simple avatar person would just look out of place in the majority of games.

Zerodin4388d ago

Someone sure has butthurt that Home isn't out yet!

NewSchoolGamer4388d ago

I knew somebody would make a comment like that and I'm not suprised you were the one that made it.

If you've seen the avatar customization for HOME you know that there is way more to do with your avatar not to mention the special costumes you can download.

rev204388d ago (Edited 4388d ago )

Its a nice idea i just dont see the point of them on the 360.

Miis work because they are intergrated into games like mario kart and they fit in with the whole Wii image.

Apart from having a little figure of you next to ya gamercard what is the point?

TheMART4388d ago

"rev20 - 22 minutes ago
4 -
Its a nice idea i just dont see the point of them on the 360.

Miis work because they are intergrated into games like mario kart and they fit in with the whole Wii image.

Apart from having a little figure of you next to ya gamercard what is the point? "


MS will let them use you in casual games like 1 to 100, where you can actually win prices. They'll also introduce it in other games, it might just get into some sort of Mario Kart game also.

They could even get it into games like Viva Piniata 2, you remember in Viva Piniata 1 you got that gardenfigure which stayed the same? Imagine instead of that standard non changable figure you'll be able to get your own made avatar in there.

MS could even introduce '360 Villa' with the avatars in it before Sony could release their Home. The avatars are inside the 360 dashboard, which is the layer that runs through every piece of software that is made to run on the 360 that activates the use of specific stuff like the avatars from the 360 dash

GiantEnemyCrab4387d ago

These will do the same thing. There is a whole section on the dashboard for a "Game Show" network type of things where you can compete against other Live members and your Avatar will represent you.

As far as it fitting in with the Xbox image I think they don't and I have zero interest in them personally.