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GiantBomb: "Metal Gear Solid V practically redefines the notion of what open-world gameplay can be."

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Jerry Seinfeld1134d ago

That quote made me do a double take. The first thing that comes to mind is that the Witcher 3 did open world better. Much better.

Jerry Seinfeld1133d ago

Yup, just disagree and run away...

BiggerBoss1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

I agree that Witcher has a better open world. I doubt many can disagree with that. But when it comes to the open world gameplay, MGS5 is FAR superior. The controls in TW3 are awful, even walking around feels off to me. The gameplay in MGS5 just has so much depth to it, and the mechanics are great. The mission design and enemy AI forces you to actually use the world around you in different ways. This is what I think the author was getting at.

Jerry Seinfeld1133d ago

The open world gameplay in MGSV was best when you didn't explore it. It is a great way to start an infiltration into a base from any point. But out side of that base is bland and empty. Try spending any amount of time away from the large bases and you'll be bored out of your skullface.

So if there is no gameplay out in the open world, I don't see how it can have great open world gameplay. It is just something you have to travel across to get to the actual gameplay.

Also; try playing TW3 on the hardest setting. That will definitely make you use everything you can to survive. From the environment to all your witcher tools and weapons.

I felt TW3 was far and beyond less repetitive than MGSV and I immediately went for a second play through on the most difficult setting after beating it. I don't even see the option for difficulty settings in MGSV or the option for other saves.

SuperBlunt1133d ago

With controls that played slightly better than the original resident evils. I love witcher 3 but mgsv's gameplay outclasses it no matter how you spin it

Jerry Seinfeld1133d ago

You may like the gameplay in MGSV better. Heck, I do too! But, the open world aspect of it was lacking.

Afghanistan is basically just large corridors because half of the map is covered in large unreachable mountains. Africa just replaces the mountains with wide open and empty plains. All there is out there are some small outpost with 4 soldiers every now and then. The open world in MGSV was dead. There is literally nothing out there but some animals to fulton back.

In the the Witcher, the world feels alive with all kinds of monsters, events that change the world and behavior of the people in it, treasures, shops, gwent, NPC characters, random events, and many different locations with a wide variety of color.

TW3 is an example of what an open world game should strive to be. MGSV's open world is just some great locations separated by a sparse and overall underwhelming excuse for an open world environment.

And comparing TW3 controls to the original RE's is hyperbole to the max.

_-EDMIX-_1134d ago

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