Pac-Man 2 Homebrew Released for Atari 2600

Carl Williams writes, "Before you get to thinking this is a port of Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures from the 16-bit platforms, calm down. It is not. This is a hack of the original Pac-Man with new levels and improved all around over what Atari forced on us back in the day. Pac-Man 2 is hard, you are not going to get your hand held through the first maze or two, no you will get your butt handed to you without so much as an apology from Pac-Man 2. Now that you have an idea of what to expect, read on to find out why Pac-Man 2 is pretty cool."

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uth112147d ago

meh- that's only a slight improvement over 2600 pac man.

There are two other home-brew attempts- Hack Em and PacMan 4K that are much better and show what could have been..

uth112147d ago

Even better :) has the proper music too.

uth112147d ago

Lol, from the same site,

if pac man was released today (full of DLC and microtransactions)


triverse2147d ago

I completely forgot about writing that one! Thanks for reminding me. It is amazing how well modern companies would ruin a classic (if they had the chance).